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I have an annoying vibration in the driveshaft of my 73 GT, 4 speed when I let off the gas. My guess is it has to do with the torque tube bushings. Could someone tell me what I'll need to order and any tricks on rebuilding these. Should I replace the U-joints at the same time? Thanks

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Torque Tube

I just noticed this posting in the "News" section on OpelGT.com. When I get my moderator "wings", I'll move it a related heading. But I had already given my two cents worth on the OMC forum, so I'll just re-post that response

Like Jim M. said, it sounds like the torque tube donut. What you are probably hearing is the inner drive shaft banging against the inside of the torque tube or housing.

There is a "fix" that a few of us have done, by using the old donut (if it is not too badly worn) and then filling in the space between the donut and the center joint (the steel carrier) with old fan vee-belts. Or some other kind of compliant rubber. Just slide short sections of fan belt through the openings in the central joint, between the donut and the carrier. Make sure that the bearing is supported by the donut before you stiffen up the joint. It may stiffen the ride up a bit depending on how many belts you stuff in the cavity, which may or may not be desirable.

Also make sure that the torque tube support cushions (two rubber snubbers which support the torque tube in the central joint) are intact. They often tear, allowing the torque tube to bounce around in the central joint. As for the shaft bearing itself, they seldom fail, but can get dirt lodged in the sealing cap rings. Mine did, but it is fairly simple to pull the cap apart and clean out the dirt.

Keith Wilford
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