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... and how to get to towing 3500 pounds??? :eek:

Seriously : I can imagine to pull a motorcycle type trailer with a GT - hey, they even look good – but what is the total weight that not to exceed and what is the recommended weight on the hitch itself?

I am going to add a hitch and plan on towing stuff instead of getting a "wife's suitcase" added... :p

Anyone practical or theoretical experience on what to do with a stock drivetrain /rear end and if mod'ing, with what?


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GT towing is limited to class 1 hitch , but check with u-haul HTH

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Check with "ging" and "Mr Ging" as they have already gone through this and have their own trailer. Albeit a motorcycle trailer, but, I'm sure Dan has taken this all into account.

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I would be very cautious in this endeavor. A GT doesn't weigh very much, doesn't really the have the power or the brakes to handle much more, and I wouldn't want to put even a hundred pounds of tongue weight on the rear of it.
When you do this make sure your trailer weight is balanced properly front to rear (tongue weight, not tongue light) or it will whip, has you upside down in the ditch seconds after the third wiggle.

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Ugly - FAST!

jeff denton said:
.......it will whip, has you upside down in the ditch seconds after the third wiggle.
Towing a 1938 Ford V8 Copue' behind a 1957 Chevy Shoe box, many years ago, when the "wiggle" happened to me while going down hill at around 70mph - accelerated out of the problem and managed to straighten things out going up the steep hill on the other side. Reached near 90mph in the dip!
It was a bit horrifying. :eek: But I was so much older and much more experienced after that ..........
A GT would simply not have the power to pull out of this sort of horror story so keep the trailer very small and the speed waaaay down when towing. Nuff said!
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