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Last Thursday one of my team mates and I took our car to the track. SUCCESS!!! Five, twenty minute sessions of hot laps and not one failure, or leak, or problem of any sort.

The event is titled Red Meat and Race Fuel and is at MSR Houston. That is the same track that hosts our Lemons race. It is 2.38 miles and has four good straights for putting on speed. I hit 84 mph according to my iPhone.

My team mate, Nic, is a much better driver than I. He was putting in consistent laps in the 2.10-2.12 second range. The spec Miata's are doing 1.50's. Power is the only place they got us. No one was getting away from him in the corners. He was participating in the Advanced sessions. There were a hand full of Corvettes, one of them was a ZR1, a sweet 1971 240Z, a few Mustangs, and one screaming Lotus Exige.

Funny enough is that I was lapping in the race car group. They were full race prepped cars, cage and all. Since we qualified for that group and there were only six other cars in the group I chose to run with them. I am not so good. My best lap was 2.28 seconds. Clearly I need to learn a thing or two about race car driving.

Items to be addressed after this track experience:
*Steering; we could turn the wheel several inches (probably 30-40°) with nothing happening. Time to rebuild the rack.
*Slight oil leak around the distributor.
*Tighten the coil power switch leads, would not start when putting on the trailer at the end of the day. A jiggle of the wire fixed it.
*New Tach. The one we have is worthless. I read all the posts about checking grounds and connections. It just flat is not useful, bounces around.
*A long rear view mirror to replace the smaller mirrors.
*Shift boot. We did not have one and jeez that air is hot.
*Possibly a popper quick release steering wheel. Currently we just spin a wing nut on and off.
*Need to mount a fire extinguisher before Lemons.

I am pleased to report that the cooling mods we made are very effective. In 95°F weather with it lapping at high RPM's (I think) the temp meter went to 3/4 and after a bit of fluid circulated it went back to 1/2 to 5/8 and stayed there.

Good lord the handling is great. The OGTS sway bars are great. Still could be stiffer, but now is time for power.


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