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hi from saki :please read

Hi , everyone my addiction to this car last since 1992 when I had acquired my first GT! I had to sell it right before moved into the States in 1997 out from Europe . There wasn't a day passed by that I didn't think about it . Now, there is a chance for me to regain that sweet feeling of driving it again .
There seems to be a problem with a forth gear as a owner tels me it pops out ,unles you keep your hand on the stick all the time . ? !
Please help with some advice .Buy whole transmission , only a forth gear or try to find some maching transmission other than original (would any other fit).....
Thanks all for taking your time trying to solve my problem !
P.S.- How much it will cost me . Is there anyone in the Oklahoma City that can ofer a help or service on the spot ?
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