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Can any of you fellow Canadians give me some advice on how one would go about getting an Opel GT shipped from " SOB " (South of The Border) ? Quickly please before someone else buys the car!!
Thanks, Dwight from Nova Scotia.

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importing to Canada

I Imported a 71 GT from Indiana this summer and it was a easy.

You Will Need a valid clear title and a sales receipt at the USA export customs
point that you are using to import the car to Canada 72 hours before you
arrive with the car, plus three copies. A salvage or parts title will work but it will be hard to get it registered in Canada. In Ontario they said impossible.

When you hit Canada customs they will ask for the title and sales recept
to verify it matches on the car. Then you pay GST and customs gives you
paper work to register the car in your provence when you get home.
Here is the USA customs URL:

For a trans port company that will do it all for you check EBAY they do list some or seach the web or call a local trucking company to see if they can help or reffer you to a good transporter.

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Also make sure the GM tag on drivers door indicating year of manufacture match the title Number!! I had a big hassle because they didn't match, They let me pay GST and go however I was instructed to call Transport Canada. It has turned out the door was from a 1970 opel that replaced the original as it was red and beneath the newer yellow paint. Get the owner to document if this number is different. It will probably save a hassle with Canadian Customs. GT 1.9

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Hi I'm new here. I don't own an Opel yet, but last summer I brought my 73 Volvo 1800 ES up from California.

Here is some info for you:

Since your car is older than 15 years, you don't have to bother with the R.I.V (Registrar of Imported Vehicles) Program. This will save you $182.

You will need to fax a copy of the owner ship and bill of sale to the border crossing you will be using at least 72 hours prior to the car coming over.

You need to be present when the car comes over unless you are using an agent of some kind who is legal able to import vehicles.

If you have A/C in the car you will get nailed for a $100 tax. Just disconnect it and you usually can get away with it.

You will have to pay GST on the SALE price of the car. Don't let them try and tell you otherwise. There is no Red Book value that I am aware of for cars this old. It took me 4 calls to CCRA last year but I got this point established.

As for shipping, I used Dependable Auto Shippers to get the car to Detroit and then went and got it myself. Saved my some money that way. It usually costs more to have a car shipped over the border. Whatever company you use ask if they have a Depot somewhere near you and maybe you can go get the car yourself.

Try to pick a shipping company that doesn't sub-contract, they are usually more reliable. DAS even had on online tracking system that allowed me to watch the cars progress across the US.

I hope this helps. I look forward to talking with you folks and eventually getting an Opel of my own.

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