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Tune Up Parts, Internet Links, and other Canuck Stuff

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Tune Up Parts and other Canuck Stuff

Hey guys here is what I posted to the main GT board, yes another stupid question!

Plus also I just ordered some parts from GT Source thanks to John, but I couldn't find any tune up parts in the catalog. Items such as plug wires, points condensor, dist cap, rotor, any suggestions.

The question What is it??
Located on the passenger side of the engine, below the carb and below the last cylinder, close to the bottom of the block is an oval sensing unit covered with black rubber held together with a spring and at the outer end there are two electrical terminals, the wires have since come off. What is it? Some sort of oil pressure gauge?
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How to Find Tune Up Stuff and Other Parts In Canada


I guess Gil has decided that he won't stock stuff that you can easily and more cheaply buy locally. But as we Canucks know, that's sometimes almost nothing for an Opel! Actually, the hard part is to get the parts guy to look it up. Usually it exists in a parts book rather than on the "computer". And don't forget to look under "Buick". Just the other day, I ordered a pair of front brake rotors from AutoValue, and there they were in the Aimco book (nothing for Opel in the computer, this was the third book he looked at). Crossed referenced them in the computer, and only $24 each! Back ordered, but still available.

So most of this stuff will be available from your local AutoValue or NAPA store, but go there on a quiet morning when they have time to check their resources. Canadian Tire is pretty useless (goes without saying) although they do have parts that fit. Just no Opel reference. But here are two old CTC numbers that even THEY might be able to find:

Tuneup Kit (points, condensor, rotor, for '71 Capri I believe): #18-2675-2

Distributor Cap (same car): 18-0517-2 (sub number 8045P)

A terrific resource is the parts cross reference Excel list on the classicopels site, downloadable at:

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/classicopels/files/GT Parts Oct 2002.xls

It has all sorts of manufacturers numbers for all sorts of parts.

There is another, less comprehensive list on the classicopel database list, at:


And I saw that your question was answered on the oil pressure sending unit in the main forum.

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site address

Keith thanks for the info but do you have the exact address for the Classis Opel site?

Your advice and help is much appreciated.

Classic Opels at Yahoo!.com


The site is at:


And I forgot to mention, you have to be a member to access both pages I mentioned above. But if you are going to have an Opel, you need to be a member in any event. If you want to minimize the e-mail barrage, just set your personal setup to just view messages. It gets up to 60 e-mails a day, which can be a bit overwhelming. Be sure you also visit and search thoroughly:






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