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I know almost nothing about a c30ne engine, other than it came in a Senator.
Assuming you already know about spark and fuel requirements for turbos. If not, educate yourself. Also assuming you are staying with EFI. It is foolish to mess with carbs and turbos.
.5 bar is pretty tame. I don't know how stout the bottom end is. Most engines would tolerate .5 bar assuming high quality bearings and pistons.
You don't want static compression over about 8.8:1. 9:1 is pushing it.
Do you have access to decent fuel? Detonation is a killer, especially on a turbo engine.
I have considerable experience with turbo set ups on my e23 745i. Factory was only 5 - 6 psi, which is like .35 bar. I have run as much as 15psi, which is 1 bar. I am dialed back to a more sane (for a street car) 11 psi right now.
There are MANY normally aspirated Bimmers from the 80's that have been turbocharged. Most have no issues, provided one doesn't go crazy with boost. Boost is so addictive, it is difficult to not keep pushing the envelope until things start breaking.
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