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I was contacted by someone on my web page. Two GTs for sale in Eagle Creek, OR. 1972 and 1973....You can call her after 7:00 p.m. or on weekends at 1-503-637-3125 ask for Pam Burgess
This is all I know, please don't ask me anything. Just passing on the phone number as Oregon is too far from Texas.:D

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I went by Eage Creek and checked out those Opel GT's. I would love to say they are in excelent condition but I can't. Here's the facts.
One is a 73, its blue. The car is mostly intact but it hasn't seen the road in 4 years or more. The back end was hit pretty hard and would nee to be replaced. I was able to turn the water pump but the engine didn't move. There is a small repairable dent on the passenger side behind the front wheel. It has a small amount of cancer near the battery box. The interior is too far gone to be salvaged except for the dash. No deep cracks in the dash. No carpet, seat coverings, door panels etc. And more spider webs than I have ever seen in a car.
The suspension on the front was gone through before it was parked. The car is just about floorboarded on the ground as it has a doughnut on the front.
But a plus! The car was under a tarp when I went to look at it.
That was the good one....

The other is a yellow 72. This car has a totaled front end, no interior, cracked windshield and a frozen engine. Pam said it was purchased as a parts car. The back end of this one would make a perfect donor for the blue one. Other than that, the car is pretty much gone.

I will add that all of my observations were done in the dark with an awesome flashlight.
Both cars would need to be trailered as there is obvious need for them NOT seeing the street right now.

If there are any specific questions, feel free to email me
[email protected]
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