Not mine but helping the seller find the community so they can sell them and not crush them.

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For Sale - 1 restorable GT, A Parts GT (Both with titles), Rebuilt motor, 2 other GTs that you could pull parts from ( Not pictured ), a set of solid floors and tons of spare parts. I personally saw this all about 4 months ago.
Location: Bridgeton, NJ 08302

Seller :

Both cars appear to be be low mileage and one is more restorable than it looks in the pictures. It was torn down than the previous owner never got back to it. Things like the suspension and rear axle should be in good shape with the low miles.

The other is rusty but complete, and the two other GTs in the woods you can pull parts from have 50/50 windshields, doors, engines and a few other bits.
There is a rebuilt engine that was kept in dry storage and could be used as is. I would recommend tearing it apart, new bearings, gaskets and break-in lube. As I am sure it has set years and there is enough internal surface rust to warrant a pass through. YOU should though be able to save yourself a trip to the machinist, and for under $500 have a nicely rebuilt motor for your project.

Lots of spare parts, probably from about 3 other cars from the looks of it including some typical parts headlights, doors, extra engines, extra heads, automatic driveshafts, bumpers, windshields, a set of solid cut out floors, etc.

A lot here and to the right person with the right space could get a good car out of it and sell the rest to help with the restoration.

Seller is asking $4400 for it all.

He is negotiable and could help with delivery if local. If your wanting a project, this is not a bad deal. The bill to rebuild a motor alone can be upwards of $2000 or more.

I know MANY will say, I have seen better, or its only worth $500, etc.. etc.. etc.. So heed the words of your mom, if you don't have anything nice to say then don't.

No one needs to hear how in 2002 you got 4 of them in better shape for $200. #1 that was 20 years ago, and #2 a restored GT in 2002 was worth a tenth of what it is today. So there is that.

Lets remember the last 2 months we have seen caches like this get crushed, and the caches and restorable cars on the east coast are getting fewer and fewer, while our cars are going up in price. Can you get a better car out of California for $1000-$2000 sure.. Then you have to ship it and that will cost you as well. The market is what it is, and finding cars, useable part cars and parts stashes isn't going to get any easier.
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