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S-10 flywheel questions

Everyone seems to be having to get a longer adjustment stud for this clutch setup of the s-10. I assume it is due to the flywheel being faced down an 1/8 to 1/4 inch. Two questions:
Is this flywheel being made by Unorthadox Racing at the original thickness of the Opel flywheel so a longer stud is not needed, or is it made to the specs after an original is faced off. Seems to me it would need to be at or close to the original thickness.

If we go with the longer stud, does it throw off the geometry of the clutch arm. Does it make it harder to push in or harder on the life of the release bearing. It would have to affect its axis somehow it seems.

I would think the custom flywheel would be worth the money if it was put back to specs of the original thickness, if it isn't then one would still need the longer stud for proper adjustment, and that doesn't seem worth the price difference of just facing an original flywheel.
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