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UR Flywheel

I received my Sachs S-10 clutch set today. The problem I see right away is that the clutch disk is 9 1/8" in diameter, while the steel face of the flywheel is only 9". The other clutch sets I shopped for also listed the diameter at 9 1/8". The clutch face definitely overlaps onto the aluminum of the flywheel, while there is 1/8" of steel surface on the ID that is not touched by clutch friction material. In other words, the width of the steel surface is correct, but the diameter is not. I ordered a '93 S-10 2.8 liter clutch set, which is the same listing for the earlier years with the same engine as far as I know. Is there a 9" version out there, or did UR screw up? Has anyone else tried to match their clutch to the flywheel?

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