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I want to purchase an aluminum flywheel this spring. I contacted Jim and he said "Derek, I do not have any of those units left. It is not a unit I normally keep on the shelf. The last time we ran them was in 2003 I believe when we did a group buy with a bunch of Opel guys." I then emailed him again for one off pricing and he said, "Hi Derek, yes we can run one or two units. Pricing would be $454.00. ETA would be most likely after the Holidays. What I had originally done to get better pricing to everyone was offer a group by at 10 pieces. That got pricing down to $409 each. I could extend that again if you felt there would be enough interest. Let me know, thank you."

So I am fishing around to see if anyone who missed the first group buy may want to do it this spring? What do you think?
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