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They are coming fast and furious!!!

1. There is a new upgrade for the Forum that I will be installing shortly. The long awaited vBulletin version 3.0 will be released soon. Major improvements! - Done

2. The Portal (Main) page will also be releasing an upgrade this week.

3. A new interface for the Photo Gallery program was released today. It will fully intergrate the Gallery program with the main program. :D - Done Owners permissions need to be set. - Done

4. There also is a final release of the new version of the Members Photo Gallery that will eliminate the problems we had with the "Beta" version. - Done

5. A new version of the new Classifieds program has also been released. - Done

6. Almost forgot about the super FAQ add-on!

Guess I'll be busy this week!

But I did manage to insulate the ceiling of my new garage and replace the brakes on my truck this weekend!

I will get to work on my Opels sometime :(
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