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kwilford said:
Two bolts? there is a SINGLE long bolt that goes through both UCA (Upper Control Arm) bushings and the sleeve in the front suspension cross member.

The transverse spring isn't an issue when removing the UCA, only the LCA.
Too remove the Upper Control Arm ( "A-arm") safely by the method Keith describes you MUST keep the weight of the car on the Lower Control Arm. With the wheel off, put a wooden block under the outer end of the Lower Arm and lower the car onto the block - securely!
Then the Upper A-arm can be removed in the way Keith describes. The long bolt through the inner "legs"; which have the rubber bushes in them, through which the long bolt goes; is fondly known as the "Bolt from Hell" The passenger side one is usually rusted into the cross member and can take up to three days to get it out! Sometimes it is actually easier to remove the whole front suspension from the car so that this bolt can be more brutally attacked .... read the Posts! Look for "Bolt from Hell" in this forum. ;)
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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