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Opel urethane base coat colors available?

Paint problem


I am hoping someone can help with some information. I wish to paint my Opel using a urethane basecoat followed by a covering of clearcoat.

I am adamant in that I want to use an orginal Opel color, the 1972 L-303 Jade Mist Poly (lighter shade). This color is like the other Opel lime green metallics except it was just a little lighter and only was produced on 1972 Opels.

I have both the lacquer and the enamel code (44377 and 44378) but the automotive paint store can’t match them. The 1972 color is not available at all. The 71 and 73-75 lime green they can do but only in a lacquer.

They (Sherman-Williams) did seem to spend a good 40 minutes on the computer trying to match it and said it can’t be done at least not in urethane.

Anybody ever got someone to mix urethane for their paint? Was it a problem? Does anyone have a 1972 color chart that they could sell or lend me so I can take it in and try to match the color with a more current production paint color? or maybe a person or firm that could make me the right color using the information I have now?

http://autocolorlibrary.com/cgi-bin/search/searchpic.pl?1972-opel-pg01.jpg this is the right color!

72 Opel
L-303 Jade Mist Poly (lighter shade)
44547 Lacquer

http://home.attbi.com/~wayneto/Opel/Color_Chips/1971.gif second choice

71 Opel
L-304 Jade Green Poly
44377 Lacquer
44378 Enamel


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Guess it depends on the paint shop. Locally, we have PPG dealers that have specialized computer scanners, they scan a sample of the color and the computer spits out the 'recipe', then they mix it for you. Takes about 15 minutes.
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