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I actually found this forum though google when looking for some pictures of the B series in the US (and other exotic places) Not very succesful I must say, but that was to be expected I guess as only the A series was available in the US. It's to compile a collection of Manta B arround the world for our website (Manta B Club Belgium )

Anyway, the search goes on :D

Btw, is it actually difficult to import a Manta B for example into the US :confused:

Regards :)

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They were not available in Canada or the US.

The rules allowed some to import into Canada easier than the US in the early 80s so some got there.

I know of one i200 owned by Rob in Toronto and about 4 others scattered in the US and Canada. But not the exact whereabouts of any other than the one Rob has and one that Nick Webb has in California. Hear that one and his Monza (one of only 2 Monzas in the US I know of) are headed back to Britian when he returns.

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