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USA Opel needs help

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I just received a call from Jim M. of USA Opel. The property his business is located on has been sold out from under him, he has 30 days to move. 28 cars and three buildings of parts have to go. He told me he will discount parts for those that want them. Some parts and cars will be going on e-bay. He also will need assistance from the local Opelers here in SoCal to help pack and move his stuff between now and the 24th of May. If you can help by puchasing parts or help on the move give him a call at 1-909-693-1432 or e-mail to: [email protected]. :eek:

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Have truck and trailer in KS, but it will have to be a hell of a deal to pay gas prices to Cal and back. None of my realtives that way will let me stash some at thier houses either.
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