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V12 Conversion Anyone?

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it is an amazing sight and sound. He brings it to the Tacoma Opel Shows. Being a commercial pilot myself and love of classic warbirds, I'd love to have the engine in my garage- let alone in an Opel!!

you would need one killer stereo in there to drowned out engine noise (not that you would want to). Has he or anyone actually driven it like around town or on the freeway?

yea, I'd love to see people's faces at a stop light. It SOUNDS like a drag car. I'm sure you'd get pulled over a lot though. heh...

I picture that Hemi commercial.....
well it's a little smaller but this is my V12 SUMMER PROJECT sould be getting started this weekend with the jag strip ,all ready have gt front off ready to shoe horn the beast in (i must think of more sencible things to do on my weekends when im sober!!! ):confused:


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that must have been a tight fit! did you have to move the fire wall back at all?
it will be when it comes out of the jag , ive had to remove the inner wings and take the front end off but the V12 should just go in between the heater and the pedal box it helps when you have to strip out a jag straight 6 first the prop tunnel and area for the bellhousing did need to be opend up alot ;)
ps excuse the mess & i thought i'd seen the white gt before its on the gallery here


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oh! i see now, i thought that it was already in the opel. i didnt get a good at that pic.
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