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Uh, yeah, to both the above posts. I was told recently I've been doing this V-6/T-5 mod for about a year now. Come to think about it, it's been longer than that, and I just got the engine in last weekend. I won't count 3-4 months on getting the rear-end, because I got 2 wheels polished and working on a third while it came from Germany and got built up locally. The planning, the checking out everything, the total exasperation when the engine would not run on the stand. The money spent for test equipment to find out why. The hours researching the net to find answers. But the sense of accomplishment when the engine finally lit off and ran. And when all the fabrication and cutting was close enough to put it all in the hole. GREAT. I won't take umbrage and Bob for not liking engine swaps too much, but, isn't a 2.4 a non original engine in a GT? :D Actually, my reason for the swap is not to go any faster than the car originally went, just get there quicker!!!

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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