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I received this message about Joe Nagel's(RIP) parts for sale:

Hi Gordon?

My name is Shawn Nagel, I am Joe Nagels (Vanjoe) son. Unfortunately I am reaching out to you with some sad news if you haven't heard already through Facebook. My father passed away unexpectedly in May and I have been left with managing his estate.

He has three Opel GTs and a bunch of parts that are stored in a friends garage. As much as I would love to keep the cars and fix them up like he always dreamed I am afraid I am not in a position to be able to do so. So my siblings and I have decided to sell the cars.

I wanted to reach out to you because I recall my father mentioning you and that he had some great conversations with you about opels and when I got on the forum page and saw your picture it reminded me of that.

Due to the fact that I am not familiar with opels at all I wanted to seek out your advice on how to go about selling them. My initial thought is to sell the 3 opels and parts as a package deal just to simplify things on my end but I understand that it may be hard to find the right buyer for that circumstance.

To give you some background on the cars:
He had a yellow 73 that he drove but currently it is in very bad shape. This was his main opel that he talked about driving in some of his posts on this website. The car had a ton of body work done and ground effects that covered up extensive rust and repairs. The ground effects have been torn off and every body panel is damaged in some way now. The engine and tranny ran and shifted when he parked it about a year ago but hasnt been run since. The interior is in ok condition.

He had a 72 white opel that is also pictured on his account. This car came from PA, is automatic and overall in nice shape. But it does look like there was body work done on the rear end. The badges have also been switched over to corvette emblems by the previous owner. The interior is very nice on this one.

Last he had another yellow one that I dont believe i have a title for. This one came from Rochester and is a manual. This one has rust on the lower quarters all around but the floor pan is in great shape. Interior is OK but missing door skins and some other stuff. From what I can tell everything is there under the hood.

His plan was always to take the ground effects off the 73 and put them on the other yellow car to get one good Opel and then to get the white one running and driving. I think he was under the impression that the automatic tranny in the white car was bad but I am not sure.

Anyways I just wanted to reach out and seek out some help because I am clueless in the opel world. We are not trying or expecting to make money on this but we would love to see these cars go somewhere that they will continue to be enjoyed and live on. The cars are located in Williamson, NY and I would like to try and get them sold before winter. They need to be moved from where they are being stored sooner rather than later. I have a bunch of photos I can share with you as well to help get an idea of whats what.

I am a technology teacher so I am typically free from 2:30pm on during the week or any weekend.

I apologize if I messed up your name, If my memory serves me I believe that is your name on Facebook. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide me!


Shawn >>>

My response to him:

<<< There are a number of ways to approach this and you'll probably have to try them all. I will repost your message on the the OpelGT.com Forum as a thread called "VanJoe's Opel Stuff for Sale". That's the first step. The next step is to post your offering on the Facebook Opel groups, that's where most active Opelers are and there's one group, out of about 15, that specializes in Opel stuff for sale. It's called "Opel Marketplace". I run another group called "For the Love of Opel and Chrome" and I will Post your message there......AFTER you get back to me about contact information, which I'll discuss in a bit. The other big place is to post your message on Craig's List. Possibly also Ebay.

Okay, so your biggest problem is that you seem to have a lot of stuff and multiple cars to get rid of. Trying to find one person to take it all is very difficult on the east coast. Even if you give it all away for free. The more likely scenario is that you will have to sell to multiple buyers. That means time and lots of people contacting you and requiring your responses. I can't do that stuff for you, you'll have to deal with the buyers.

The really bad part is that you need to break down and list the parts and cars you have. Since you don't have any Opel knowledge, this will be a problem for you. Hopefully someone on this site or Facebook will come forward to stop by your place and be able to look over what you have, evaluate, and help you generate a list. Or, you could line up or spread out all the parts and take lots of photographs of engines, trannies, cars, etc. and assorted other parts and let people peruse the pics for stuff they need. Like I said, it's unusual to find someone who will show up in a truck and take large quatities. Most Opel part "lots" have little or no value and you can expect to end up throwing lots of stuff out. East coast cars have lots of rust problems, many Opelers bought multiple rust buckets to keep as parts cars, so they're not really sellable as restorable cars. Good, unscratched or fogged windshields are worth about $200+ and good uncracked or minimally cracked dashboards also have a little value. Some wheels are desirable. There's a very vague chance that someone in Europe might want one of your cars and being close to the ports in New York would make such a purchase doable, but lots of work, time, and waiting for the deal to develop.

Contact Info: Here's where it gets annoying. As a general rule, you don't want to put your email address or phone number on the internet. On this website you can isolate yourself, as you have done with me, by telling people to send you a "Conversation" message if interested in anything. On Facebook you will want them to send you a Messenger message. Craig's List has other methods. If you have a seldom used email address that you don't mind "potentially" getting spam mail sent to, then go ahead and give out your email. Once you decide how people can contact you without compromising your privacy, I can post your "revised" offering on my Facebook group. You should post in the Opel Marketplace group yourself, if I do it then I will have to deal with all the inquiries.

Okay, so Step One is to take pictures, pictures, pictures and post them in the thread I will make for you on this site. Maybe an Opeler near you will be able to stop by your place and evaluate what you have and tell you what has value and is sellable. Don't be surprised if very little has any value. Old, long-time, Opelers will often have collected lots of useless junk.

I will post your message to me, minus your contact info, plus this message to you, and I will try to call you and talk about stuff. >>>

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Here is a bit more detail on what my dad had and the condition of the cars.

I have for sale 3 Opel GT’s, miscellaneous parts and manuals. These cars were my fathers until he passed away. Below are the details/history on the vehicles that I know. I would like to sell the 3 cars and parts as a package deal and I am asking those interested to make an offer.

These cars are located in a dry garage roughly 1 hour from where I live so if you have specific questions it will take me some time to get to the cars for answers. I will make an inventory list of parts next time I am at the garage.

1973 Opel GT - Yellow with black stripe - Title NYS
This car was registered and driven on the road until the end of summer 2019. My father bought it from someone in Ohio in 2007. The car had a body kit fiberglassed on of which the side skirts are still attached. The front clip and rear clip are off the car due to my father backing it into a porch several times while parking. This car has extensive rust, bondo and nearly every body panel has damage. The motor and manual transmission ran and shifted properly when parked. I have personally driven this car. I have a title in my fathers name that I can sign over upon sale.

1972 Opel GT - White - Title PA
This car was purchased in Pennsylvania in 2008 and has not been on the road since. This car is an automatic. This car is very nice inside and out. The badges were switched to corvette badges by the previous owner and it seems like there was some bondo work on the rear end due to the shape but it is hard for me to tell if it is bondo if it is supposed to look like that. I am not sure of the state of the engine and transmission. My father never tried to get this car running but I do recall him thinking that the transmission needed work. I have pennsylvania title for this car that is signed by the previous owner and a bill of sale from that transaction that is signed by the P.O. and my father. My father never transferred the registration to his name.

1971? Opel GT - Yellow - No Title
I am not sure of the exact year of this car, I will check it out next time I go to see the cars. This car we dug out of an old ladies garage in Henrietta, NY probably in 2010. I do not have a title for this car. This car is all original and has body rust. The floors are solid throughout. The interior is in good condition but the carpet is missing. This car is manual. The engine and transmission appear to be fully intact.

Misc. Parts - Some of the parts shown include the body kit pieces and the door skin for the ‘71. There is an extra gauge cluster, valve cover, resonator, e-brake cable, sun visors, tail light lenses, weather striping, carb, hoses, brake shoes, arm rest, thermostat, radio and more. I will create a more accurate list when I visit the cars again. I also have a ‘73 service manual, two “72 service manuals, a ‘73 owners manual and a service manual that is missing the cover.

My father had many Opel GTs in his life and knew a lot about them. He had planned to turn the two yellow GTs into one solid running car with the body kit. Good running drivetrain from the smashed and rotted yellow ‘73 and good buddy of the ‘71. He was also planning to get the white one running but wanted to swap a manual transmission into it.

As I gather more information I will update this ad. I am not looking to get top dollar but would rather see these cars and parts go to someone who will appreciate them for what they are worth.
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