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The Vega engine had a special chrome bore on the cylinders since it is an aluminum block. When it wears out... about 50,000 miles... it starts smoking (burinig oil). Then you have to throw away the block since it can't be bored. The only way to save the block was to have liners installed... about 10 times the cost of a bore job. So the only option was (is) to keep pouring in oil as you go smoking down the road. That's probably the reason you see far more Opels GTs on the road than Vegas. Vegas were made for 10 years... Opel GTs only 4 years.

"Obsolete German Junk" BLASPHEMY. The Opel uses exceptionally good steel alloy in everything on the car. And the CIH engines were over engineered (for their HP rating) so that they would last a long time. In the 70's the average German saved up for 10 years (or more) to buy an Opel. A properly rebullt engine... yea, bore the cylinders, regrind the crankshaft, etc... if properly taken care of will last for 100,000 miles or more.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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