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Re: vent?

oldopelguy said:
If you do want another vent, for whatever reason, I think the side cam cover in the head would be a better choice than the fuel pump block-off plate. It is much higher in the motor, and being steel might be easier to weld a stand-pipe or something to.
I like this idea Stephen. I think that having a breather tube angled upward would be important (spinning cam throws a lot of oil), but the fact that it's a removeable plate makes it appealing. It might work very well on a racing engine too, tying in the valve cover, the cam cover, and maybe a crankcase vent as well to equalize the pressure in the different areas of the engine. We used to launch dipsticks in our old racing engines, and that was with less than 3% leakdown, so you can see how high crankcase pressures can get. Hmmm, another project for me to consider...

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