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I just heard from a reputable source that John Seaman, long-time editor of the Opel Motorsports Club's newsletter (the Blitz), died two days ago from a heart attack.

As someone who knew John personally, I can't believe he is no longer with us. He will be missed.

Rest in peace John....

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Dear Opel Owners
I have Sad News to report today in Opeldom.
I was informed this afternoon,that John Seaman, the Editor of the Blitz magazine,
of the Opel Motorsport Club. John passed away Saturday the 20th of March, at
work from apparent heart failure. His heart failure seems to have stemmed from
a rare heart condition that he was born with. John has been the editor of the OMC
Blitz for over the last 7 years. he was an active member of the OMC Picnic and
events for many, many years before accepting the role as editor. John always
jokingly stated that he was "editor for life". John will surely be missed by both
OMC readers, as well as friends and family.
There will be no services, or memorial fund, according to his mother Ellen
Seaman. Due to his rare heart condition, his body has been donated to the UCLA
Medical Center. John is survive by his mother Ellen, and several brothers and

Dennis Gardiner
OMC Librarian

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Being somewhat new to the Opel Net scene, I too, never had the opportunity to meet him. From what I've read, all I can say is this: Seems he left this world doing what he liked. A man can't ask for better than that. Bless his soul at the gates, Lord, and give comfort to his family.

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Goodby John Seaman

I had the genuine pleasure of meeting John at this past summer's Opel Motorsport Club Picnic in Huntington Beach. We had conversed by e-Mail a number of times in the past three years, and John was always the most helpful, diligent member of the Opel community. And he was tireless in his position as Editor of the OMC Blitz. Meeting him in person was one of the highlights of the OMC Picnic.

I guess I am especially thankful that his last "Letter From the Editor" was so full of optimism. As everybody knows, the volunteer position as the Editor of any club publication is typically fraught with missed deadlines and a dearth of material from the membership. John had recently appealed to the membership to get the Blitz back on track as THE source of information, both technical and social, for the International Classic Opel Community. And he was rewarded with the March 2004 issue, with sixteen pages of excellent articles and Tech Tips.

Right now, I am torn between having a bit of a cry, worrying about how his family is doing, and being a bit selfish and wondering how we are going to carry on without John around to publish the Blitz. I think I just might settle for the cry...

Here is a picture of John (on the right) with Roger Wilson, at the OMC Picnic 2003 Banquet. Happy Opeling John.


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He will be missed...


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I never had the pleasure of meeting John, but I enjoyed his articles tremendously. He will be greatly missed by our community.

Make no mistake about it, even just through reading a line or to here and there, we all have come to know and love each other here. We are a community.
God Speed, John.


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Missing . . . John Seaman

I'm with Keith in the duality of his sentiments . . . a quiet, behind-the-scenes man whose shoes will never be quite filled by anyone else. He IS and will BE missed! God speed, John!


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Goodbye dear friend

Dear John,
I hope you are reading this. I just found out today.
My eyes are filled with tears at the thought of your passing.
51 is too tender an age to go.
The pic that Keith posted is what did it, I felt good and bad at the same time.
Good to see you and bad that you are no longer with us Opel nuts here on earth.
I will always remember you as a good friend and that ride you gave me in your GT was so inspiring, more than you could have thought or imagined.
As the President of the San Diego Opel Club I want to say from all of us WE ALL MISS YOU and you will be remembered !!
We all have had a better life because of your service to us.
We send your family our condolenses.
We hope you are driving your Opel in heaven and breaking all the speed limits there too.
Please watch out for those horseshoe turns
We will be driving our Opels forever with you someday.

USA Opel Jim Marchitto Opels Forever Jim Petzold

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I sit here for the last day or so wishing I knew what exactly to say and where to start. But since I don't I will just ramble and hope what comes out makes some sense.

John was a graitious, friendly and extraordinary guy. Being on the east coast, I didn't get a chance to get to really know him personally as much as I would have liked. Over the years at the shows, helping out with the newsletter when I could, and calling to just talk when his latest editorial was a bit on the down side I do feel that I got to at least be friends with him.

Many asked me why on Gods earth would I drive in an Opel from VA to LA and for the OMC picnic (One way in 2000 and out and back in 2002), it was a simple answer and a one word one at that. Family. John, along with the other cast of OMC/Southern Cal characters (Gil, Dennis, Rick, Roger, Dick, Jim, John C., Dave, and yes even Todd and many others I am sure I am forgetting ) I count as long distance friends and family that I only get to see every year or two.

I grew up in a small family and don't have much of an extended family. Over the years doing the OANA newsletter, meeting others via the website, Carlilse, the mailing list, etc.. The Opel community has become my extended family. Heck I talk to you all more than I talk to my brother, I see my fellow Opelers at the different shows more than I have seen members of my own family over the years. Thanksgiving I can miss, but a chance to be with friends and get rained on in Carlilse, that I can not miss. Over the last few years I haven't been able to make the OMC picnic due to primarly financial and time related issues, with Johns passing I regret not making the trip last year more now than ever.

I will always remember John as the warm and friendly face that was one of the very first to welcome me to my first OMC picnic almost a decade ago.

Goodbye John, it was a honor to know you.


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In memoriam

I also never had the opportunity to meet John Seaman, but clearly the outpouring of expressions of sympathy, and the anecdotes and reminisciences speak volumes of the kind of well-regarded person that he was, and how much he will be missed.

At this time, the only thing I can know for sure that John and I had in common was our love for Opels, but that indeed is the thread that ties all of us together, and makes us all a very large, if quite odd-looking, family of sorts.

My sincerest heart-felt sympathies for John's family, and for all of his friends that are feeling his loss today.

With all the years of good advice, and of recounting each other's experiences while working on our Opels, and of all the times that we've come to each other's rescue when we needed parts, I feel like there's a little bit of each and every one of you in my Opels, and that is also part of what makes us a great big Opel family.

Dave aka computerthug
'74 1900 sedan (Ascona)
'73 Manta Luxus
72% of another Mantascona in various crates and boxes....

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sad sad news...

Hello all,
As a former OMC member I was very shocked and surprised to hear about the passing of John Seaman. I had the privilege of meeting John at one of the OMC picnics the summer of '97(I think). He (like everyone I met that day) was very welcoming and happy to be with his fellow opelers. I looked forward to receiving my many issues of the Blitz during my OMC membership. He was a great guy and I'm sure he will be missed by many!
Robin Vespertino
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