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visited a real race shop today

3R racing got a chance to go in the back and get a tour

talk about trick S-h-i-t

Formula ford. C-5 Vett, GT2 Porsche

The GT2 Porsche wt was around 1900 lb. with a very high dollar Motec setup.
talked with the lead Tech/fabracator pretty interesting

he said after you spend all the time and money on AFC's and stuff you could have gone out and bought a decent stand alone setup

They have like a year wait to get stuff into there shop
I managed to pick up some real trick hose clamps for $1.25 each

Ever herd of quick disconnect hose clamps? Just a turn and it unlocks and whatever its holding comes loose.

To nice to even use on anything ha ha
talked about some of the sticking points I've run into on my MR2 and Opel GT
like version 4 of the steering column
and V3.5 of the suspension
fuel cell install stuff like that. He said its pretty common for some one that does not do the stuff every day to get stuck on some of the fine details

That GT2 Porsche was damn nice -- excellent workmanship
even had an electronic start system to keep everyone but the driver from starting the car.
The fire system could be fired from inside the car or outside with some fancy electronic setup.

very Cool

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