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Hello everyone, not sure if I should post this here or the for sale thread but Ill put it here for now. I have just lost interest in this car and almost never drive it. It was great 10 years ago when I was wanting to build a powerful fast car. It was my first V8 muscle car and this type of car just doesn't appeal to me much. I have always loved Opel GTs so finally looking to get one. I am interested in clean straight cars, if it is a roller or one that doesn't run that is fine, or if its running and driving thats fine too. Must have a title.

I have a clean, 100% rust free 1993 Notchback Mustang. Was originally from Georgia, now in Ohio, near Dayton. This car has $8K+ in new parts. Car was driven less than 200 miles since all this was done. I will post a couple pictures. I will also list the parts and bits I recalled quickly off the top of my head tonight. Lots I am forgetting. Please email me if you are interested and we can work out the details. [email protected]

Thanks, Tom.

1993 Ford Mustang LX
Originally a 4 cyl model, from Georgia and 100% rust free. Clean and clear title in my name.
Was swapped from 4cyl to 302 H.O. V8.
Car has been in storage since 2012, due to military service. Always stored in climate controlled garage.

All the replaced parts on this car were bought brand new and have less than 200 miles on them.

• The engine was purchased from a salvage yard in Iowa. It came out of a 1991 Mustang with 80k miles on it. Has the factory forged pistons that came in the engines that year.
• Has great compression and has never smoked or leaked.
• GT40P heads, milled .010 and all new valve job and stem seals, leak tested.
• TrickFlow stage 1 cam, new push rods
• Billet roller rocker arms, pedestal mount type
• Weiland stealth intake manifold
• QFT custom setup carb, Jegs linkage setup, nice aluminum carb hat to clear stock hood.
• FRP shorty headers, MAC X-pipe and MAC dumps.
• New fluid type harmonic balancer, black billet pulley setup, new belts, new hoses.
• New water pump, thermostat
• All new gaskets
• Higher Amp Alternator, 140amp I think.
• New Radiator and Derale thermo relay setup.
• Accel Stret Billet distributor
• Mallory 685 Hyfire VI Ignition
• MSD Street Fire Coil
• New Ford racing plug wires and plugs.

Fuel System (All used components came off low mileage drag car)
• Used Holley pump
• Used Fram filter housing, New Wix filter.
• New Holley pressure Reg.
• Summit racing black billet fuel fittings and carb supply

• T5 manual transmission
• Spec Stage 1 clutch and billet flywheel
• BBK Adjustable clutch kit
• Billet quick shifter setup

• Full length weld in subframe connectors installed
• Torque box reinforcement kit (Not yet installed)

• Strang Shocks front and rear
• Coil over springs front and rear
• Maximum Motorsports Rear lower Control arms, Adjustable upper control arms
• Progressive suspension sway bars F&R
• QA1 Caster Camber plates

Wheels and Tires
• OE Racing Bullitt deep dish wheels
• Front wheels professionally narrowed to properly fit to not rub when fully turned.
• Like new Bridgestone fronts and sumitumo rears.

• Brand new F&R SN95 Cobra brake setup. OEM Calipers (Red), OEM Brembo rotors. All the proper brackets, etc used.
• Wilwood Proportioning valve
• New Properly sized master cylinder and booster.

• New Flaming River manual rack with linkage, laser alignment done

Rear End
• 8.8 Rear end.
• MAC cover with brace
• New heavy duty 5 lug axle shafts with Traction Lock differential from Late Model restoration

• AEM UEGO Wideband Air/Fuel ratio gauge
• 3 Gauge Display

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Nice Mustang.
I always liked the fox bodys. Isn't '93 the last year for that model?
I don't have an opel to trade but you may do better selling your car
and using the proceeds to buy a GT. If you are looking for a project, you shouldn't
need to spend more than a few $K for a decent body and something with a stock Opel
running gear. What are you looking to build?

Ron in FL

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Tom that is a beautiful Mustang :yup: Id love to have it, but I have to many vehicles now and like most stated, no one on this forum would give up their Opel :no: You shouldn't have any trouble selling it and then finding an Opel which they are still available. Just be patient in your search. After you get your Opel, make sure to give us details with pictures. This is a great place to get experienced information relating to all aspects of the Opel. Good luck :yup:

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Back in the days of the original 2.3 4 cylinder Turbo motor, I took my own notchbacked 1980 Mustang and swapped in the naturally aspirated 2.3 motor and 4 speed transmission for a junkyard Turbo 4 and transmission out of a Mustang Cobra.

In my eyes, more and more, I find the notchback look more appealing in looks and style versus the hatchback Fox Mustang. And yours completely nails it, in looks with those Bullitt style American Racing rims and the lack of racer-boy wings and things.

A Mustang like that deserves an attempt at selling it on Bring A Trailer, where you just might very well get what you set your reserve at. Here in Opel Land, I sincerely doubt you are going to find any takers as Opelers are first and foremost, a cheap bunch, lol.

Having driven an 82 Mustang LX with the 302 HO motor (the return of the 302 after a few years of Ford trying to pass 265 ci V8's), I can attest to the power that my old Turbo 4 did not have. Heck, if I had the money (of which I don't have:) ) I'd be all over this. The quintessential American V8 Modern Day Muscle Car, to me, even more desirable then the 10,000 hp overpriced heaps of junk they are trying to foist on the buyers today!

Good luck in whatever you do and welcome to the site! (and as a CG retiree myself, a thank you for your service)

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Beautiful mustang!!! Very impressive spec sheet. Hope you get fare value for it..

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That is a really nice Mustang! My son had a '93 exactly like this one, color and all. It was the 5.0 version, and he loved it. It was the first new car that he bought for himself after graduation from college and he was really proud of it. It also was extremely fast! ( larger throttle body, headers, posi., etc.)

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No doubt it's nice I to would adhere the advice above mentioned even the were cheap part, well kinda
I hope you get what your after and look forward to seeing your gt purchase
I personally have never been a ford guy and I certainly don't need anything with to much horse power ( it gets me gitty in the gas foot)
And I'm a safe clean driver now 20 + yrs says my lic and driving record really don't want to ruin that :lmao::lmao:
and i to would like to thank you for your service sir

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Jeez it was just a joke, Joesph and we as a group were not "horrible" to the man. It could have been worse. Ron and you quoted it correctly.

See, no problem. This group is way calm compared to when I was a moderator here.

Yep, not horrible, just not respectful. And the replies aren't any better.

And so we're done with this discussion. Frankly, there was hardly a reason to HAVE a discussion.

This thread is closed.

I have deleted every post that is not directly related to the Original Poster's intention to trade this car for an Opel GT, or is even remotely off-colour. The reason that things are calm here now is there is no/nada/zilch tolerance for comments that are disrespectful. No quarter is provided "...because he said bad thing about me, then I can say bad things about him (or her"). It doesn't matter. No disrespect. If someone wants to drop a 572 Caddy engine in a tiny little Opel GT, so long as they post in the Engine Swap Forum, have at it.

And not one word of disrespect will be tolerated

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