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As far as I know, water pumps off the 202ci straight six Holden Torana *should* fit a Manta B motor, Im not sure how true this is though :) Hope its some use to any kiwi (or aussie) Opel Manta owners like myself.

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Torana Water Pumps

Hi NZ Manta GSi,

Don't think it is the 202 six pumps that fit.

The 1972-79 base model Torana used a 19S Opel four cylinder motor which is the same as that used in Mantas and GTs.

The motors were made in Germany with 9:1 compression, flat top
pistons and a much larger exhaust manifold outlet flange.

Still used the Solex carb too.

They were so under-powered that most were thrown out and the Australian produced 202 cubic inch six cylinder fitted in its place
so the original Opel motors are quite hard to find now.

BTW - I have a 1972 GT with a new Torana four cylinder Opel motor water pump on it and am in Christchurch.
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