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Waterford Wisconsin GT

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There is a black Opel GT that I sometimes see when driving to and from work. I was wondering if anyone knows who the owner is and if he has any GT parts for sale. I have not seen too many GT's in the Southeast Wisconsin area. Including this one I have seen 6 or 7 in the past 8 years. 3 of them were not running. Not too bad a number I guess considering how rare they probably are. My car hasn't been driven yet.
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There are actually quite a few GTs, and Mantas, in southeastern Wisconsin. As a matter of fact a number of us have formed an Opel group that meets on average every 4-5 weeks. Last get together we helped to organize a members gagage of Opel parts. Before that we replaced ball joints on a Opel wagon. We always do a cruise to a local drivein afterwards for burgers or ice cream. Our next meet is set for either the 21st or 28th of August. We may do some body work or finish the organizing Gerry's garage. Details will follow. Our group normally meets at a member's house, which so far has been in Mequon, Milwaukee, and New Berlin. Just a stones throw away from Waterford.
Jeff Pozorski :)
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