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Weber 32/36 help

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Hello all you OPel Experts. I have purchased a used Weber carb supposedly off a 73' GT to put on my 73' GT. The side plate says

DGV 5A 011177

On top it says it is made in italy. My questions are as follows. Is this in fact the correct carb? Does it need to be modified for my car ie water or electric choke? What mods from a stock solex do I need to do ie spacers filters etc. Where can I get a rebuild kit and other accessories to do this job right. Also there is a 160 and 165 jet in the carb is this the correct setup for cincinnati altitudes? I know lots of questions. Thanks for your time.:D
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Personally. I prefer the water choke. It is more consistent, the electric choke cools down too fast and you use more gas. But the electric is easier and you have less plumbing.
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