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Weber 38 DGAS Tuning

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Weber 38 Dgas tuning

I am trying to dial in the main jets on my weber 38 dgas... here is the setup i have right now

Idle Jets 45
air corrector 170
emulsion tube f66
main jets 142

i warmed the engine up and then ran it at 3500 rpm's for 5 minutes and then shut it off and pulled plug #2 and took a pic... the color of the porcelin and the ground strap is tan to light brown
can you guys tell from the pic if the color is right??

also on the 38 dgas the primarys and secondaries are tied together and open and close together so i cant do much for checking the secondaries by them selves.... is it good enough to check them together??


Joe Van Wagnen
71 2.4L GT


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3/8th" fuel lines

Do you mean to have 3/8" lines all the way from the tank? I have my motor and tranny out right now. My engine will have dual webers when it gets put back in. I have 3/8 lines from the fuel pump to the carbs at the moment. (Should I go w/ an electric fuel pump also?)

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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