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Weber 48ies mounting problem

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Weber 48ies mounting problem

The 48’s mount up to the existing studs my manifolds fine but are so fat that I can’t get a nut to turn on the studs that come from the intakes. I have been to the various auto part stores and speed shops, carbs and intakes in hand trying to find a maybe something. I thought that the stud/nut setups people use for headers studs might work but no luck. Anyone else ever had this problem and if so how did you solve it?

Dump the intake studs and try a very thin long bolt head with a sleeve?

Allen head that are at least 2” or is there a source for very very thin nuts?

I know that this sounds simple but it had perplexed a lot of people who all say it can be done but don’t know where to get the stuff to do it.

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Car quest fixed me up with an 1 1/2 inch long allen head set up that threads into the manifold with enough left to put a nut on on the back side of the manifold. :)
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