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There are some folks on here that can really help you re-jet that carb. What you'll probably need to do is take an inventory of what jets you currently have installed then they can give you advice on what you may need. it's not all that difficult.

There are two jets that are accessed from outside the carb....one on each side (one on the fender side and one on the valve cover side) ...the primary and secondary idle jets. The other four jets are accessed by taking the top cover of the carb off. Two air correction jets right under the cover....I think they have the size stamped on the top and two more jets in the float chamber that I think have the size stamped into the sides (you might have to unscrew these to see the size).

I have gotten some jets from OGTS as well as from a local VW/Offroad parts place. I have also seen places online that will sell them to you. I'm at 2100 feet so I doubt my jetting would be exactly what you want, although the one time I took my GT to the beach near San Diego it didn't seem to run all that bad at sea level.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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