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Thanks for the compliment, but I am FAR from a "pro". I just have an interest in these obscure little cars!

I haven't seen much for used Weber carbs around here. The two Opels that I have picked on at the PYP both still had Solexes! It suddenly has turned to winter here, so I probably won't go back until spring. Source cars are probably more plentiful in your neck of the woods in any event. You can also look for Holley/Webers, which were pretty common as OEM carbs for Japanese cars in the late 70's to mid '80's, but I believe have a reversed throttle rotation. Here is a site that provides Weber conversions by make and model, which can be helpful when you are scouring a junkyard. Look for models that are "direct" installs for a 32/36 DGV. There are only a few (BMW 2002, Vega, Chevy S-10 and some other GM 4-cylinders w/ Rochestor 2SE carb)


Just make sure that the primary throat is the same orientation as on the Solex (and the Weber). It should be towards you, with the throttle linkage on your left, and the float bowl on the right. Pintos had the wrong orientation, as did some Chrysler products. They will work, but you have to reverse the rotation of your throttle linkage, or install a cable setup. There are some concerns about the primary being on the inboard side which apparently doesn't give the best fuel distribution. I have a 32 DFM (with the reversed throttle) that I ran on my GT for many years, and it worked GREAT. Or at least compared to the crappy old Solex!

I wouldn't worry too much about ebay. Just make sure that the seller has lots of positive feedback. You might also want to get set up with PayPal or a similar pay service. It makes the process a WHOLE lot easier. I bought a used Weber 32/36 DGAV from a Manta this summer off ebay for $51 USD, and John Warga (a fellow GT'er here in Calgary) also bought one (a very nice, virtually new 32/36 DGAV) off ebay for $75 USD.

As for what to look for, it depends on your price range. Fairly reasonable used Webers usually go for $50 to $100 USD plus shipping. New ones are usually $200 to $300 USD. Just make sure you get a 32/36 DGAV or DGEV (water and electric choke respectively). I prefer the water choke, since it is a bit more effective in providing appropriate choke settings in cold climates. But the DGEV is simpler to install, and lets you remove those clutter-some hoses. Or if you are planning on "hotting up" your GT with high compression pistons, a ported intake manifold and a hotter cam, you might look for a 38 DGS, DGAS or DGES. The throttles both open simultaneously on this model (rather than progressively on the 32/36); it has bigger throats (38 mm versus the 32 mm primary and 36 mm secondary). But it is too much carb for a stock engine. A new 38 DGES is on ebay right now at:


You could also look at twin side-drafts. One is on ebay right now:


But you have to modify the thermostat housing, and (I believe) lose the heater core box. Really only for seriously hot engines.

Here is a used 32/36 DGV (manual choke) for $75 USD, but I think you can do better:


Here's a really good used one. They say it is a 32 DGV (so manual choke, which may be actually better than a water or electric choke), and it is almost certainly a 32/26 since I don't believe there is such a thing as a 32 DGV. I had a 32 DFM which worked REALLY well on my GT, so even if it is only a 32 mm, it would still be good. The current price is only $31 USD, so it will sell for quite a bit more. And for what it's worth, the folks selling it (Pierce Manifolds) are one of the places I have heard recommended for buying new and used Weber stuff for Opels, so you might want to contact them directly. Their site is


Another good supplier of things Weber is Top End Performance, at:


They have great prices on rebuild and jetting kits, specifically for Opel 1.9 CIH engines!

Finally, JAM Engineering is another good Weber supplier, at:


I especially like their air filter adaptors.

Here is the listing that I mentioned:


Rebuild kits are readily available; the one I got from OGTS was about $100 including EVERYTHING that could be replaced, but the standard rebuild kit is $26 USD from OGTS, or $32 USD from Top End (which also sells a combined rebuild and jetting kit for $59 USD). You might also check with your local AutoValue or NAPA, as the CDN price of Italian parts may be better. I bought it from OGTS because I had other parts coming.

That's all I know about Webers. Until I REALLY get into rebuilding that 32/36 DGAV I bought. Then I WILL be dangerous!


Keith Wilford

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Hello Keith;

Happy holidays. I am wondering if you have run across any Weber carbs at your local "junk yard haunt"? I am curious about how much they would go for out in Calgary. My parents are out visiting in Calgary for 2 months and I figured if there was something available at a reasonable price I could have them pick it up for me. Also I figured a pro like yourself would be able to tell if the carb was worthwhile rebuilding or not. I have seen one or two on Ebay, but I have never used the service before and I am unsure of the trustworthiness of the persons on the other end. When you get a chance I would like to hear your reply. Thanks.


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Yea, I wondered about that too. It sounds like the Rochester has a matching pattern to the Weber 32/36, since it says the Weber is a "Direct" bolt-up to the manifold (no adaptor required). So I wondered if the Rochestor could be used as a poor man's Weber. But it would probably need a cable throttle linkage setup, since that is pretty standard GM issue.

As for the "K491 weber kit to convert it to the 32/36 DGEV", I think that might be the linkage kit required to adapt the 32/36 Weber bellcrank to the S-10 cable linkage. And there are some other parts required as well, but that is to INSTALL a Weber on an S-10. Not the other way around.
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