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Weber carburetor ?s

Well I manage to get the Weber carb out of the storage box. This is part of my 72/ 1900 GT project car. This is the carb that came with the carb when I purchased the car. The tag says 711F FB A 1F3. What do these numbers mean? Is it worthwhile to rebuild this carb? And if so where to I get more intel? Also took some of it apart and managed to drop the top half and break off the pylon that holds the float spindle. If this carb is the one to go with, how to I get a replacement top half? Used carb?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Scoutdog72 said:
Hey Darrin,

The base numbers are 32 36 DGV 5A and I guess with the serial #56805.

This is what I currently have on my 71. It is the old school "manual choke"! ... I did a rebuild on it last year, took me sometime/trys to learn tunning it and now it runs like a champ!

Good luck!
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