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Weber down draft cable Mod.

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I've always had issues with the throttle rods and ball joints on the linkage, but one of the main problem that you have is that it's very hard to attach behind the Weber. There are a few that are bend..BENT
to get them to work

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The cure for this is simple..... make the rod shorter, cut out a 3/8" section and weld it back together, now linkage pop right on ball joint with locking pin..... what a sloppy mess, people will tell you it's your mounts engine/tranny... If that the case, cut make rod shorter, for safety sake, if mount failure binds carb linkage what good it that JMHO
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There nothing like a cable throttle, for throttle response, and no maintenance issues

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My MGB has the Weber 38/38 set up too. some how I picked up a Manifold that came with this special Weber Plate off ebay. The plate fits on Top of the Weber before A/F, Then the Cable draws straight Upward for full open throttle Auto part Engine Fuel line Carburetor Vehicle
has neat place to add return spring
I like that very much in my MGB it really goes.. I can't seem to find this plate anywhere, so am thinking of making a few>>> Engine Auto part Fuel line Motor vehicle Vehicle
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then to figure out the gas petal side , for the cable hook up, maybe on the first linkage rod from the swinging petal lever thing.. bracket/welding O . OH ? might need help with that

It will fit under this new Weber top/bottom from OGTS Metal

What do you think, not bad idea? need to make a couple plates for my Mod.'s
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There is a mod for the first linkage rod, to be able to attach a cable end, and a light return spring. If you talk to Gil, at OGTS, about your project, he will likely send you his diagram of the pieces needed for the mod.

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