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Weber snorkel kit

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air filter adapter

Has anyone tested/flowed the TWM remote air filter adapter for our downdraft carbs?

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Are the adapters you are talking about the same as the ones that Jam Engineering has? They show both single and double snorkel models for $52. http://www.jameng.com/products/index.phtml?section=6. Does anyone know if they will fit under the GT hood? If so, I think it's time for me to build a cold air intake the easy way!
Okay, I've finally finished it. I bought the Jam engineering adapter. As someone said, it's fined aluminum, matches the valve cover and looks great. I got the one with the single oval intake, 2-1/2"x2". I don't know how to calculate flow area for an oval, but I'm speculating that it will flow enough for a 4 banger. I then found a 2" rubber plumbing coupler from Home Depot that fit the oval good with a clamp. I bought 3" air intake flex hose, a 3"OD x 5" piece of exhaust pipe that fits through the factory hole. I bought a K & N type cone filter that fits in front, and it wedged in so well that I didn't even need to build a bracket to support it. I had planned to order a K & N universal filter, but found this one at Auto-Zone and didn't want to wait. I guess it is for the Rice Boys, but it's way large so even if it doesn't flow as well as the K & N, it's still over kill. The front of it is also a concave air inlet. It has a 3" opening so it fits on the exhaust pipe nipple perfectly. I'm gonna try to attach a pic....sorry 3 tries..I'm out
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Here it is...I hope!


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The world according to James.....

Doesn't the pretty polished metalic intakes transfer more heat then a hose? Aren't these supposed to be "Cold Air"?

Going off of my bad memory...

carb adapter--$62
rubber plumbing coupling--$2
3" hose--$12
3" OD exhaust pipe-- $5
rice boy air filter--$22
2 bandaids for cut hand--.25

so approximate cost was $103.25

not counting all the extra stuff I bought that didn't work!

They called today--my block is ready!
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I have this one on my GT....just a little different from that one....from Jam Engineering. Matches the valve cover nicely.


I ran a hose to a large cone filter in front of the radiator. I still worry that the opening on the adapter is too small, though.

This one was made to fit the Weber, so the opening fits correctly on my 38. The opening I worry about is the 2" by 2 1/2" oval where the hose attaches. Between that small opening and the fact it's so short, I just wonder if it doesn't become a restriction at some point of high air demand.

I'm sorry, I don't have a pic of the under side, but will take one as soon as I have time to pull it off. It seems like I posted a pic of the whole setup in a prier post several months back.

Oh by the way, Jam also has one with twin snorkles.

Now that's how mine was SUPPOSED to look! Great job. Can you give us the measurements on the pipe bend? Did you have it custom bent or was it one of those exhaust pieces like JC witney sells that you chopped?

George, you can save some more clearance by using a bevled bolt instead of the stud and nut that you show in the picture. Mine has an allen head and fits flush.

Thanks to all for bringing this issue back up. I was worried about this early on when I built mine. I think I might remove it and put the old Weber air filter ass'y on for a test drive.

I was bored last night and removed my snorkle and my cold air intake and hose. I put the old square Weber air filter back on and went for a drive this afternoon. I noticed a big difference after 4500 RPM. I guess the snorkle was a restriction after all. I will probably not buy an adapter ring because I am working on a 45 DCOE SSD to replace the 38, so I'll just leave the air filter on for now. I know it's breathing more hot air, but I do have my header wrapped which helps.

My wife is out of town so I rebuilt the 45 on the kitchen table last night! :p
What's a shame is that it's such a nice looking piece. With the ribs, it matches the valve cover and looks like it was made for the car.
Goes to show you, looks ain't everything! :p
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