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i was up on TWM's web site and that's the same stuff K&N use to sell

so either TWM used to make it for K&N or TWM bought the molds

I bought my adapter from Supeshops

a few small problems where
1) you could not use a base for the air cleaner
that would lift the air cleaner up to high

2) there was a little interference with the passenger side hood latch

also Bob hit the nail on the head, you could use the finned snorkel with the stock air cleaner set up

And put a K&N in the stock canister.

the cost was around $95 back in the day

one small problem with snorkel

it is shorter then the stock snorkel so it might not flow that well
i always wondered about that

i will try to take a PIC of the round adapter

1 - 2 of 79 Posts
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