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Special Announcement Saving Orange Opel Body Part Two Wednesday March 25, 2020

Here we are to pick up the Opel GT Shell Story.

So here we have almost nothing. Stripped and parted out and ready for scrap nowadays. But right here and right now just like that with one phnne call here comes Opels Unlimited. This is what we are famous for.

So here we have a car that is just a body shell now. Traded hands a bunch of times, title long gone. Front bumper, nosr panel, completely gross, no drive train, original blue plates, California Car. No one would buy this car typically because it could not be rolled around or transported anywhere easily.This is why we chose to part this car out. We have plenty of other cars available with far less labor to have them ready for transport.

Nowadays this happens every once and a while and we are looking always for the next one of these cars.

So now we get it home. We clean out the interior. Throw everything away. Sweep it up, vacuum it up. Everyone is so excited we actually do it on the same day. Todd and Tammy the same old thing. Doors off, windows out. Zack is of great help to clean out interior and clean up everything. It is now ready for pictures of all the hard parts we can save.

Let us see that beauftiful floor! Those great rockers! Like a time capusule. Sunny Soutern California Car. An amazing best possible scenario for zero rust on your jacking points, trailling arms, complete floors with rockers intact. If you live anywhere else in the country you know how impossible it is to get parts in this condition.

This is what Opels Unlimited has been famous for.

So at this point Opels Unlimited is out about $800 for all the work so far. At first glance this would just look like a bunch of trouble and junk like Todd's Mother would say back in the day. The last 20 years or so she finally understands that this is necessary. HA HA and so here we go again.

What we gained from this project in the end is quite a spectacular floor with rockers. A real top of the line scrubbed and cleaned and washed, yes it is really great top and bottom. This is not something that can just be recreated easily or will show up again anytime soon.

It is not just the part itself but the guy who did the labor. It was Todd himself who did the rear floor yesterday and it came out perfectly. Seriously perfectly straight and clean with a Milwaukee SawZall. We are speculating it has been ssome five years plus that Opels Unlimited has taken apart a car for it's sheet metal. The cars are so valuable nowadys thaq they are not just simply thrown away.

These opportunities do not come very often. We do have complete cars for sale starting a $1,000 to $1,500 to $2,000. Maybe you can't go to every store nowadsys but you can certainly shop and build and fix your Opel car. A great thing to do these days.

For the first time Opels Unlilmited is actually painting cars and fixing up cars to sell on a more high end basis. We just finished a pretty Resale Red 4 speed black interior for $6,500.

The big thing on this car is the floor and rockers. Todd is very proud of his complete rear cut. No torches, no slag, clean Milwaukee SawZall. Multiple pictures available. The front clip is open to suggestion. It is possible to have mainframe engine mounting brackets, even front and rear jacking points completely intact. Palett shipping available.

Custom cut complete floor with rockers will sell at $400 a side. This is a one shot deal. Call 909-355-6735.

There is good possibilities for front and rear fenders from $100/$200/$300 each depending onhow you want them cut, we are leaving them intact now until they are sold.

Rear panels and Rear window gas tank panel available at $100/$200/$300. This car does not present the best but we do have others for sale. Roof panels at $100. Frame rail and jacking paint areas at $100/$200. Rear coil spring and complete rear floor section available also ats $100/$200/$300 depending onhow you want it cut.

There was one other thing. A single great condition electrical dash for a GT removed properly. Everything original uncracked unbroken $200. As well as a Opel GT complete front axle assembly with mo rust or damage in the shock towers or in anything else. A non-rusted good front end for a GR for just $300.

As you can see, with all these parts there is only one available. Currently first come first saved.

Thank you so much. We are grateful to be in busines. In fact with you all at home our sales have ramped up significantly and we have no problem filling all the orders.

Stay tuned for the next post for all the new parts we have coming in from Germany. We are already taking pictires and people are already grabbing up the new parts from Germany that we haven't even carried before.

Take Care and Happy Opeling.


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Y'know, I've always ignored this thread, because I wasn't interested in some summary of a pre-show 6 years ago. Eventually out of curiosity I wondered why people are still talking about a wrap-up before a show.

Not to kill a trend, but, why doesn't Opels Unlimited post their announcements in a thread titled "Opels Unlimited - New Stock & Sales" or something, instead of piggybacking on this one?

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New European Products Sale Part One Sunday April 5, 2020

Hey Folks. Welcome to another exciting week at Opels Unlimited. We hope this finds you and yours safe and sound. In these crazy times one thing remains constant - people love their Opels and business contiues to be brisk during this time.

Finally, this week we are going to talk about some of the exciting new products that have come in from Germany that we will be offering in Part One of our Sale and about the products new to us and therefore new to you. This is exciting stuff so stay tuned for the New European Products Sale.

Four big boxes have come in from Germany so far and the last package was so heavy it must have been 80 pounds plus, It took two of us to get in down the hall.. This leads us to the first new exciting products for 1900/Manta Ascona owners. Some new great technology and a blast from the past on one.

#1. Brand new performance Main Springs. Available in different heights both Stage II and Stage III for the Opels Unlimited line. Beautifully made and even powder coated so no rust, silky smooth to the touch. Current Sale Price $249.95 set of two.

#2. The Red Ones are the famous 2 and 3/4 inch lowering set like from the More Opel and Auto Sport days. They have been very scarce and typically sold Used for lots of money. Now available new for half the price. The second thing is the rear Springs engineered a great better Spring rate as well as a touch of the modern day variable progressive rate Springs. Not over kill. On this Sale just $249.95 per set of two.

#3. This is the black Spring set. A little bit taller but really great for all around street use. A set of these is even going in my famous Red 74 Wagon. Even we have been looking for an over the counter product like this for a long time. This Spring set only lowers your car 1 and 1/4 inches. The perfect height for street performance use. Rather fiendish actually, we are very excited.The front Springs are built similar to everything in number one. On this Sale $249.95 per set of two.

#4. The black set of Rear Springs set up to match the #3. Front Springs. Heavy construction and the same beautiful powder coating Black finish. Also features a touch more of the progressive rate good for street use. Germany loves this stuff and sales have been great and now it is another new hot exclusive from Opels Unlimited. They are $249.95 per set of two.

#5. Another great new item we finally decided to carry in stock is a great production of the complicated seal that goes from back around the rear window then goes up all across the roof line down to the front A Pillar. A pre-formed one piece just like the original. For all Manta owners 1971-1974. We now carry both the right side and the left side currently and the sale price is $149.95 each.

#6. Another huge bonus for the Manta Owners. Now we are carrying a great pre-formed right and left door rubber set with all the plastic pins pre-installed. Another heavy complicated rubber made just like original. Already in stock this sale is $139.95 per side.

Both of these sets are available separately if needed.

#7. Another new item never carried before a great under hood rubber production for all the 1900/ Manta Ascona owners out there. This is a nice heavy rubber that makes your hood pop up when you pull the handle. What a concept. It is the rubber that goes around the heater box and cowl area. What a great new part just #29.95.

#8. The sought after all metal sleeve and rubber inner lower control arm bushings. For all 71-75 1900 chasis you don't have to pay Lotus prices to get the ultimate non plastic/poly bushing. A real long lasting stable bushing. Always sought after. Now we have our nice fresh stock. Just $49.95 per side.

We might as well start stocking up on all of our front end and rear end stuff because we anticipate alot of separate part sales from all these great new announcements.

#9. Lower Ball Joints. These have always been a popular seller. It is nice that we still have some good heavy duty versions. Really good news is that with all these new Europe orders coming in we now have a really great selection for Opel GT and Kadett owners, all years, as well as all you 1900/Manta and Ascona people too.
Like we say we have been stocking up on suspension parts these last few months and are definitely ready for a sale. For This sale all Lower Ball Joints all models are $49.95 each.

#10. Trunk and Hatch Rubber. New batches in from Germany for both Kadett Wagons, Manta Trunk Rubber, even Ascona Hatch Rubber. Just $69..95 each your choice in this Sale.

OK Folks, in case you haven't figured it out yet this has not been a Kadett GT Sale so far. Well so it seems that is true so we won't leave you out of the mix. The next listed items are few and far between so there is definitely a strict liimit of just 2 per person. First Come First Served. 909-355-OPEL(6735).

#11. Upper Ball Joints for GT and Kadett owners. Another new batxh just in from Germany. NIce production this Sale just $48.95 each.

#12. Gold Top Motor Mounts. Yes they are back for all of the GT and Kadett owners. The Heavy Duty Iron Bottom Motor Mounts with the Gold Tops. These are our favorites and don't come around very often. But now we are sitting on a decent quantity of them. Just $49.95 each.

#13. New polished Valve Cover Caps fits all. Beautiful German all new production. It has been many yeasrs siince we have had them. They work on every Valve Cover and even Gas Caps. These are chrome covered. An all new part cheaper than you can have your old part polished or rechromed. On sale for $19.95 each.

#14. New 1900 Fuel Pumps with 2 gaskets. Fits all GT Kadett anything with 1900 engine. Replaces all stock originals. On sale for $39.95.

In Part Two there will be A lot of Engine Gaskets and Rebuild Sets. Not just 1900 but 2.0, 2.2, 2.4 complete Engine Sets or even available separately. A wide variety of products to round out your personal inventory.

Take Special Care and Happy Opeling,
Todd, Debbie and Tammy

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New Parts from Germany Special Sale Part Two Monday April 27, 2020

Here we go folks, 20+ new products we have never sold before. This Part Two is very exciting.

#1. We are so happy to announce brand new complicated front floorboards both right and left for the Manta/Asconas. This great product available driver and passenger for $249.95 each. A really great product even includes inner rocker sills or panels as you may call them. Rather difficult to import but we have it under control. We are ordering and getting some really big quantities from Germany lately. Even the heavy stuff.
Last week you enjoyed the Springs and Suspension Stuff and this week you will enjoy all the new replacement much sought after sheet metal pieces that we have been asked for some 20 years plus now.
#2. As most of you know we do have the front replacement jacking points as well. Exact reproduction. Very well made. On sale for $99 each.
#3. Here is a great new product always been so sought after and now Opels Unlimited has you covered for sure. A complete frame rail reinforcement and repair section. As one piece from the front end all the way down under the floor and all the way down past the jacking point and beyond. An awesome reinforcement and strengthening piece can even be bolted in straight across and right over an existing frame rail.
Now there is no way that the Manta 1900 Ascona chassis can be "too rusty". Now really about all of them can be fixed. This is a big thing we will be famous for. Available both right and left for $249.95 each.
#4. Of course, we still carry the reinforcement for the lower common rust issue. Even includes the big bolt area for the front end. This part we have sold for 10 years now and is very popular. Many of you have purchased this part. We just got a new batch in from Germany. Both sides. Driver’s side is available again. We got a good deal and big discount on shipping these this time so they are also on sale for $99 each.
#5. One more fresh taste of under body frame rail replacement. Sometimes we have had these in the past but this time we are bulk ordering these as well. This is the 2 1/2 footlong box frame rail extension as an exact
reproduction of the end frame rail replacement that goes all along under the floor for Manta Ascona 1900 Chassis.
#6. Although not as exotic we have an old favorite next. Has not been available for a while and now it is back. Chrome plated new Radiator Caps. Finally, available again after all these years for a great price. Limit two per customer. Now we have the chrome plated valve covered caps back in stock as well as the chrome plated radiator caps. All new German made as well. The good stuff at a great exchange rate. Your choice $18.95 each. Limit 2 per customer. All complete includes rubber installed ready to go.
#7. Here is another little thing that has come up a lot. The rear brake hardware kits. The really thick and complete Euro ones. 16 pieces in all. Super hard to get the last few years. Now we are bringing them in at a really great price. A perfect match for our high end, rear brake shoes that we just had manufactured. The complete metric German hardware kit just $29.95 limit one per customer. Add new rear brake cylinders for $49.95 for set of two.
#8. Another Opels Unlimited exclusive. Here is us babysitting a long complicated process to get the perfect rear brake shoes! Nobody wants rivets and nobody wants asbestos, but we all want a high end, dark, non-puffy, flakey material. We have that set up on perfect cores. All finished. We can provide one brake hardware spring kit complete with complete set of rear shoes with rear brake arms installed. An exact walk in and bolt in situation for just $99.95 each limit 2 per customer.
#9. The same things can be said for the front brake pad replacement with semi metallic brake pads and all new hold down pins and clip as a complete kit for both sides for just $59.95 on sale limit two per customer.
#10. On the subject of brakes, one more thing that always comes up that everyone needs are the 2 rubber brake lines for the front calipers as well as the single brake line for the rear brakes. Everyone wants the current upgrade with the larger diameter center. We certainly understand that, and everyone needs these replaced if they haven't been done recently, for sure. We anticipated the sales and picked up a great big batch this time so our sale is for all three brake lines for any GT, Manta, Kadett, 1900 or Ascona for just $99.95 package deal for the good stuff. Limit 2 sets per customer.
#11. Ok folks the last few specialty items, factory Opel stuff, GM. Everyone wants Opels Unlimited’s fresh new productions on all these items. Actually, there have been upgrades on all 3 with great success. Item number one, ok so here goes, some unobtanium for a great price, the torpedo gear factory GM O ring and inner cup seal as a great Metric upgrade set. In original packaging now everybody gets it right the first time $9.95, limit one per customer.
Number two, reverse light switch, all four speeds, late model design, the screw in type. The new ones have a stiffer spring and better oiling abilities inside. Nice improvements. These always used to be hard to get, especially at our price on an NOS part at $39.95 each, limit one per customer.
Number three, Opel 4 speed transmission gasket. A nice new soft reproduction that has a lot of black rubber combo mixed inside. Not just paper, not just cardboard. A really nice, fresh gasket, not shrunk up. The bomb so to speak. $14.95 each, limit 2. Also, factory, new NOS important front gasket for transmission. Non Repro. Correct thickness. Also $9.95 each, limit 2 per customer.
We hope you have all enjoyed Part Two of our current sale.
Part Three on the Wrap Up will be really good. We will show off all of our new engine gaskets for all sizes, also rebuild bearing kits, timing gears, valves and cams. Lots of goodies for the engine building in your future.
We hope you are all staying safe. We are doing great and putting out orders and with the inventory we have at home.
So glad to be able to be of service.


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It would be awesome if those rails were available for the gt's and cheaper pans too

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Special Sale Part Three Tuesday May 26, 2020

Hello. Welcome back! We know it has been a few weeks and we hate to keep you hanging in the middle of a Sale but we have been so busy we just haven't been able to catch up until now.

We shipped 2 big pallets last week and over 10 packages on Friday. We have had people driving us crazy for Rims sales. We have sold 5 sets of Rims. We are starting to have some walking around room at the museum.
We still have plenty of great Mag rims available from $75 to $100 each. We even ordered in new center caps at $9.95 each and lug nuts at $2.00 each and new washers at .50 cents each. We are offering a new Lug Nut Style. It is Taller and pointed for a More aggressive look. $5 each.

It's not just the Corona Virus that is getting us all our sales lately. It's the great big new parts for Spring Germany Sale offering 40 items we have not offered before.

The performance Spring Set sales are going well and especially all the rubber products all around and definitely a big increase in sales from all the new metal rust repair frame kits and even new floors as well.

We hope we continue to wow you with Part Three of our All New Trifecta of parts to offer.

In the Opel World we have a saying that everything comes and goes in threes.
So three really big boxes came in from Germany in the last three weeks and there are three more on the way.

We hope you have all really enjoyed our current three part sale.
Again, we will miss you all at the International Opel Festival and Picnic which would have been Saturday June 13, 2020.

There will be 3 categories in this sale, first GT/Kadett, second Manta/Ascona and third engine and rebuild.


#1. Opel GT Rear Side Window Rubbers. Fixed wing or Pop-Out your choice. Regular $78.95 for Sale $59.95 each.

#2. Opel GT Front and Rear Window Rubber. Original type with chrome provision or solid rubber J type your choice. Regularly up to $149.95 on Sale $139.95.

#3. Window Chrome Roll enough for both Front and Rear Window. Regularly $68.95 on Sale $59.95.

#4. Black Window Chrome original style chrome insert but made in black this time. New item. $68.95.

#5. GT Gas Tank Sending Unit complete comes with gaskets. Higher quality made better than original. Regularly $119.95 on Sale $89.95.

#6. 1973 only Taillight 8 piece Gasket Set. Specific for that one year. New item. $48.95.

#7. GT Main Door Rubber. Door to Body Rubber. Our number one seller. Regularly $49.95 on Sale $29.95.

#8. GT Door Bottom Sill Rubber. Regularly $14.95 on Sale $4.95.

#9. Kadett Front and Rear Window Rubber Wagon Rallye any Model that we have it in stock. Regularly up to $159.95 on Sale $129.95.

#10. Kadett Pop Out Side Window Rubber. Rallye Wagon your choice. Regularly up $58.95 on Sale $29.95.

#11. Kadett Trunk Rubber or Wagon Hatch Rubber. Regularly up to $89.95 on Sale $49.95

#12. Kadett Seat Adjuster Right and Left set Metal with plastic. Main Seat Adjusters New Item from Germany. $119.95.

#13. Kadett Pop Out Window Hinge Rubber Pucks. New Item. $9.95 each.

#14. Transmision Speedometer Cable two piece reseal set. Features hard to find inner cup seal and updated green outer O ring. Factory GM part. Fits all Opel transmissions with 1900 motors New item set $9.95.


#15. Outer door handle body rubber gasket set. 5 piece including Trunk Lock. For all 71-75 Manta Ascona 1900 and Wagon. New Item $19.95.

#16. Taillight Gasket 4 piece. Manta Only. For Taillight to housing. New Item. $29.95.

#17. Manta Taillight Housing to Body. Taillight housing to body 4 piece, Quality rubber production, not foam. $19.95.

#18. Manta Trunk Rubber or Wagon Hatch Rubber your choice. Regularly Up to $89.95 for Sale $39.95.

#19. Manta Sunroof Seal Edge Rubber. New Item. $18.95. Other Sunroof items available now.

#20. Front and Rear Window Rubber all Manta Ascona and Wagon. Regularly up to $159.95 on Sale $129.95.

#21. Manta Rear Window Rubber.Original type. Big OOPS overstock Sale. Regularly $139.95 on Sale $79.95

Hey Folks we have over 20 items listed on this sale already so we are going to finish gathering up even more new engine rebuild components that we can sell all at once in what will end up being a separate sale so we have a chance to list everything at once.


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Weekend Wrap Up Monday June 15, 2020

Hey Folks sorry we missed you at the International Opel Festival and Picnic. It was originally scheduled for Saturday June 13th but had to be cancelled this year amid all the Covid-19 situarion. We were heartbraken, it would have been the sixfth year in a row and we have enjoyed each Festival so much.

Another great big huge box came in from Germany today absolutely full of new Christmas Presents. Bushings, Ball Joints, KYB Shocks. We can't wait to do our big front end sale for GT and Kadett owners.

The much desired lowering Springs are back from the manufacturer and everyone who bought one will get theirs next week.

Other new arrivals is the big rear wheel cylinders, new complete kits with pins $46.95 each. Also more front and rear GT window rubber and chrome. All back orders will be filled next week.

We are really excited about all the front end stuff coming together and all the new products coming in from Germany. We will hold back that sale until we have all the options and inventory collected gathered together and pictured. We will even put some of this together as kits for convenience. Looking forward to engine rebuilding kits with all the new inventory coming in from Germany.

There will also be some more of those new items from Germany we haven't carried before. The ones generating all the excitement.

Now for the Engine Rebuilders Sale New Available Parts

#1. Performance Cam Shaft. Made for us by Isky. Opels Unlimited Stage 2 and Stage 3 and any other Cam configuration you could want. Currently we have over 15 grinds available and we will answer all Tech advice with our prior knowledge. We have been selling these Cams for over 20 years. As shown $239.95.

#2. Cam Bearing Set. Simple Tap in type. No line boring needed. Pre-finished surface specify 3 bearing or 4 bearing Cam. Your choice. $68.95 per set.

#3. Timing Chain Tensioner Set. Two piece for Timing Cover with improved anti rattle design. Fits all 1.9 motors. Also includes block rail, direct or optional bolt on. These also fit 2.0, 2.2 and 2.4 motors as well. $78.95 set of three.

#4. Timing Cover Gear Set all new with Timing Chain. Real German Gears. Includes both Cam and Crank Gear. 3 piece set $249.95. With two piece Timing Cover Rubber Tensioner Set included is package deal for $299.95.

#5. Main Bearing and Rod Bearing complete Engine Rebuild Set. These are high end bearing sets not current cheap over the counter stuff. High quality brands like TRW, Clevite 77, Nascar Edition, AE, Sealed Power or Vandervell. $199.95 for complete set. Available in Standard or .010 or .020 or .030 and even .040

#6. Opel Factory New Rocker Stud 8 piece Stud Kit. Also available separately. Hardened steel, normally hard to find, now going to be a current stocked item. $149.95 set of 8.

#7. Rocker Arm Cup Set. Another hard to find new German part. We have been looking for these for years. This part is critical for oiling the Rocker Arms. Most are worn on top from the Rocker Nuts and the two grooves on top are for channeling Oil. An often over-looked item. $99 for set of 8.

#8. Piston Ring Set not shown in these pictures but definitely readily available as well. For the 1900 we have standard, .010 over, .020 over, .030 over, .040 over and even .080 over which is Factory for 2000cc training. All high end companies like TRW, Hastings, Mahle etc. $89.95 for complete set.

#9. Timing Cover Gasket Set 2 piece. Freshly made. Imported from Germany. Not brittle or hard at all. fits all 1.9, 2.0, 2.2 or 2.4. $9.95 set of 2.

#10. Oil Pan Gasket Set. 4 piece includes cork and front and rear rubber. Just like original fresh production from Germany. $28.95.

#11. 2.2 Engine Gasket Set. The big complete one. Factory GM Opel. With all the higher quality gaskets inside. $199.95.

#12. 1.9, 2.0 or 2.2, 2.4 Cylinder Head Gasket Set. Original GM Opel Stock. $139.95.

#13. 1.9 Engine Gsket Set. The big complete one. Factory GM Opel. With all the higher quality gaskets inside. Specify year. Each Gasket Set custom made for each person. $179.95.

#14. Valve Cover Gasket 1.9 and 2.0 with Steel Valve Cover. All Manta and all Kadett USA models. $14.95.

#15. Head Gasket all 1.9 early, 1.9 late, 2.0, 2.0 E, 2.2, 2.4. High End Gaskets even heavier thicker or Siamese/Sleeve Versions. Original Opel many types available even for the 1.0 and 1.1 Engines. We can easily match your Head and Timing Cover options. $59.95.

We hope you will like the tail end of our current sale. So many exciting great things listed out here this time. More big fat Germany boxes on their way. Next week's Sale will be all about the Opel GT and Kadett complete front end rebuild kits offering plenty more items we have never carried before. So stay tuned till next time.

Take Care and Happy Opeling.


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Weekend Wrap Up Sunday July26, 2020

Well well well, we have been busy bees. Last Friday we had 4 visits and worked until midnight. We have had numerous UPS and Post Office packages go out each Friday. People all over the country are working on their cars and we have been there to assist.

It has taken us 6 months but we finally have all the parts we need to do a huge Front End Sale. Enjoy all the pictures and we will put together a great sale for you. People have been coming by to pick up their lLowering Springs and this has been giving us a chance to get our Sale together. People are excited that we have finally gotten the Sale ready.

#1. The Famous Stage II Spring for all GT and Kadett people. Lowers Front End approximately one to one and one half inches and cars steering is immediately greatly improved. Over all better handling capacity. Eliminates Body Roll and takes out the 55 mph Steering Wheel Shake. A dramatic improvement invented back in 1984 with many revisions and upgrades since. Nowadays so many vehicles have this Spring already and it is one of our best most loved options. This batch is available for $249.95. The same price as the Lowering Springs for the Manta Ascona owners. We are selling and carrying all these Springs on a real regular basis now.
#2. A magnificent Shock Solution. With shocks being such a pain and so difficult to find these last few years, especially the fronts, we now have a great solution for you. KYB Shocks are a great manufacturer and we are carrying the premium line direct from Germany. Available for both Front and Rear. Regularly $68.95 each on this special Summer Sale you can get the set of two for just $99.
#3. Rack and Pinion Boots. Newest batch. Nice thick heavy Rubber. Regular price $18.95 each and we are putting them on Sale for $29.95 set of two with four blacvk Zip Ties.
#4. Lower Ball Joints. Real high quality. Threaded area and shank much thicker. Great heavy hardened materials. Lock nut provided. Regularly at $68.95 each Sale price $99 for set of two.
#5.Upper Ball Joints. Real high quality. Threaded area and shank much thicker. Great heavy hardened materials. Pre-greased and banded boots. Features Castle Nut with Cotter Pin design. Regularly $59.95 each and we are putting them on sale for $99 set of two.
#6. High Quality Semi-Metallic Brake Pads set of 4. These will really stop you good and won't fade, wear out and squeak like organics. No rivets or grooves. Includes metal backing plates. Regularly $49.95 we are going to go down to $24.95 for the set. Also if you want new hardware for Calipers, Caliper pins and spreaded clips it would $19.95 for complete Front End.
#7. Rear Brake Hardware Kit. Includes Hold Down Springs, Pins, all heavy duty. Everything back there as a complete set imported from Germany. Regularly $59.95 for this Sale it is $39.95.
#8. Big Diameter Real Wheel Cylinders. Nice iimport item that comes around from Germany from time to time. Bigger Pistons and inside diameter can be more power for rear brakes especiallyy with our exclusive 24mil Master Cylinder Kit. REgularly $239.95 for sale $199.95. For the Wheel Cylinders Regularly $68.95 each for Sale for $99 set of two. Nice feature while they last.
#9. Rear Brake Shoe sets all Opel models. These are our own exclusive design, higher quality, non asbestos, with no rivets and also includes the emergency brake arms already attached. Regularly $89.95 with $10 cire charge set of four on Sale for $69.95no core charge.
#10. Rubber brake lines for all GT and Kadett even Manta Ascona owners. The brake lines we sell are really great. They have the full 1/8 inch diameter inside just like the metal barke lines do. This way you get the same size full flow from front to back. The original rubber lines were very tiny inside and are highly known to swell up and even seal off the flow. If you haven't fone these yet, make sure you do. So you don't take out your Master Cylinder or think you need Calipers. Regularly $39.95 each Special Sale 3 lines, enough for one car, $89.95.
#11. For all you folks who have recently bought Coil Springs from us, we have great news, we have new rubber for both the top and the bottom of the Rear Springs for all models. This is the real rubber, new production, no squeaking and shifting around. Really nice work. here, another exclusive offer. Regularly $26.95 each and we will drop them down to $19.95 each.
#12. New Top Spring Rubber!!! Hard rubber ring for Top Side. Front End all Manta Ascona 71-75 another new exclusive part. So many new parts added to our inventory this year. Everyone who bought Springs already give us a call 909-355-6735, we have a special deal for you. Regularly $43.95 each, this Special Sale $29.95 each.
#13. Another new item for GT and Kadett owners. We now carry the high quality Shock Tower Rings and Shock Tower to Body Gasket Sets. Buying these new really assures water won't get into these areas from inside the wheel well opening.. A must have when you are dropping the Front end down for a complete rebuild. 4 piece set includes 2 shock tower rings and two shock tower to body gaskets. Regularly $59.95 down to $29.95 for four piece set.
#14. Control Arm Bushings. For all GT and Kadett models. Original volcunized metal and design. Comes with both inner and outer sleeves attached. Just push in and go. Very ruggad design just like original. Regularly $159.95 Sale price $119 set of four. Upper or Lower.
#15. Front End Bushings. For all GT and Kadett models. Polyuerithane. Avalable in Red, Blue, or Black. All feature modern inside diameter grooves to hold extra grease. An inexpensive alternative with some good design changes. Regularly $69.95 set of four on Sale for $59.95 set of four.
#16. Rack and Pinion D Bushing Set. Two Piece. Holds rack to Front End. Available in Red or Black. Regulalry $29.95 a set on Sale $19.95 a set.
#17. Spring Eye Bushings Set. Six piece. With metal sleeves. Available in Black or Red. Specifyf for Stock Original Spring or for our exclusive Stage II Spring featured in this article. $39.95 for complete set.

We hope you all really love this Sale and just in time to feel all these performance increases while you still have the Summer to play with it and drive it too. Thiis will get a lot of fierce competition and add alot of fun to your days. There is nothing like a nice tight and even improved suspension handling to put a big grin on your face during these times.

P. S. Five more big bozes came in from Germany and we have a great restock on Manta Lower Control Arm Bushings, Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit, GT Underhood Rubber, 4 speed and Automatic Trans Grasket Sets, Manta Gas Sender Gasket, Speedometer Seals, Manta Door Rubber, Pillar Rubber and entire Roof Rail and Side Window Rubber all back in stock.

P.P.S. One more note we though about for people. We have teo really nice GT Front Ends from the Roger's Opel Engineering Buy-Out. They are super clean and indoor stored and have no rust on them. Includes main center Cross Member in excellent shape with Spring and all four Control Arms still attached. Even encludes Brake Spindles for just $400 each. Then you could really build up a Front End like crazy. And will give you something legitimate to do in your garage these days. For that matter, on that subject we can make the same deal and price to all Kadett and Manta, Ascona and Wagon owners as well.


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Special Announcement Friday September 4, 2020

Today we have a Special Announcement in the form of a new Sale. The Renewal of Inventory Sale.
We never got around to this Sale because we were so busy shipping parts and so we are going to put this Sale out without pictures. Todd wants to put this sales out now. He deon't want to keep waiting. Pictues are available on request. So here is your chance. Read this carefully. This Sale freautres a whole new Inventory of GT Interior products as well as a great new Inventory of electrical and wiring products.
We know you have all been wariting for the newest imports from Germany so we will not disappoint There will be oozles and woozles and orange blinker fluid and muffler bearings. All the horms and gagets from every Hoo in Hooville. Ha Ha just chechking to see if you are all following along.
And So It Begins...B 5 reference
Section One Interior
#1. Opel G T Carpet Kit 6 pieces Black Loop Stock Original. Expertly cut. Made here in the United States. Features everything from the Seat forwarad, both side and center carpet. A great renewal Kit with new car smell. On Sale for just $189.95.
#2. Opel G T Headliner Assembly Original Black. Covers entire roof with pillars. Everything Pre-Sown, imported from Germany. On Sale for $129.95 complete.
#3. Opel G T Complete Carpet Kit. All of the front and everything under the seats and everything all the way back even the rear deck. Best Complete Carpet Kit offered in US. Best Quality, best fit. On Sale #269.95.
#4. Opel G T vinyl Snap Flap which covers Spare Tire area. Includes chrome snaps and top vinyl strip as well. A really good product that wraps eveything up neat in a bow. High Quality. Made in Germany.Everything premade and presown. On Sale $78.95.
#5, Opel G T rear window tray. Cardboard and vinyl already attached. A pretty easy Kit . On sale $68.95 and there is also a option for the small cardboard and vinyl piece that goes upright to the back window. for an additional $19.95. Up down piece not sold separately.
#6. Opel G T Seat Covrt Repair Kit. Here are some great Seat Covers already sown and completely done ready for install. Made in Germany. Nice Quality. Now we have entire Interior Kits again. Sale price $229.95 each.
Door panels and Kick Panels available also. Just come to us for your Interior Needs. 909-355-OPEL 6735.
Other things that people do not consider often times is our vast inventory of good used parts. So for good prices you can easily get arm rests, and actual real dash pads as well as door panels kick panels, interior vents, dash vents, seat belts, literally anything. Do not be afraid to ask.
Section 2 Electrical
#1. Our most popular seller is our Alternator to Regulator premade wiring harness with plugs. Made extra long this time so that a single easy loop will give plenty of recoil against the hard vibrating and moving engine. The Harnesses have always been too short with constrant issues of yanking the plugs out of the alternator and regulator. Highly recommended. Also features a heavy fusable link absolute protection between the chargning circuit and the rest of the car. This special Sale $26.95.
#2. Second most popular seller is the complete Headlight Wiring Harness for the G T owners with the roll over headlights. There has always been issues here with a great deal of problems so Opels Unlimited recommends replacing this particular Wiring Harness with every car. This big Harness goes from the actual fuse box with connectors already installed features proper color coded wiring from there forward for all Headlights, turn signals, running lights, ground wires, dual horns contact switches, everything in one Harness, neat and clean just like the orginal, evern better. Comes with new Headlight plugs and plastic connectors. A fully complete Kit at a price worthy of not dealing with it yourself. On Sale $229.95.
On that last one you need to specify the year as the Harnesses did cahnge and we actually feature two different versions to be completely accuarate with both early and late model cars.This is the highest quality Wiring Harness made to date in the past 38 years.
#3. Opel G T Fuse boxes just like original with hardware, a brand new procution, not so brittle and old like yours. A brand new part imported from Germany and very well made from exact specifications. Like the original. On this Sale only $89.95
#4. We also feature Engine Wiring Harnesses to original specs as well as complete Taillight Harnesses new as well as complete Wiring Harnesses are available. Just Ask. 909-355-OPEL (6735).
Section 3 New Imports from Germany
#1. More G T Gas Tank Sending Units. High Quality updated version available again. This sale just $89.95,
#2. More Ball Joints for Opel G T Owners. Also for Kadett. #49.95 each Upper and Lower. Higfh Quality from Europe while supplies last.
#3. For the Manta and Ascona Owners, more complete premolded floor panels, in metal, not plastic or fiberglass. The real deal. Great pictures available. Just $249.95 each.
#4. Also for Manta and Ascona Owners, Front Frame Rail Repair Kit. Bigger Metal goes right over existing frame rail. Also called Frame Rail Beef Up Kit for added strength. $99 per side or $199 for set.
#5. Also fresh in from Germany Front Jacking Points. Popular Seller. Also $99 each on this Sale.
#.6 We do still have chrome radiator caps and valve cover caps. Real chrome plated. Absolutely new with gasket. On Sale $18.95.
#7. BIG SURPLUS SALE ON GASKETS. Valve Cover Gaskets for all 1.9 Mantas 1900 with Steel Vavle Cover 1.1 Engines all 1,5 also. $6 each Crazy Sale. Four Bolt Gasket from Intake to Exhaust all 1900 Engines. FREE FREE FREE. Crazy Sale. 2 Bolt head to thermostat and thermostat Universal. Just $2 each. 6 Bolt Exhaust Flange Gasket all models. High Quality. OEM or better. $5 Crazy Sale.Opel Timing Cover Gasket Set.1.5 1.9 Also fits 2.0 and 2.2 etch. 2 piece just $15.
So many other great deals on Gaskets. Just Ask. We carry all Gaskets for CIH Engines, 1.5 1.9 2.0 2.2 and even 2.4.
OK one last piece of the Sale, just to see if you are listening. Here's one big fat package deal- for all of the hard to create specialized big dollar Rubber products, we will make you a deal.
#1. For $49.95 we will get you a full 8 piece underhood rubber for all Opel G T. Four rubber bumpers and four piece fresh air and cowl underhood rubber. Everything by Radiator as well.
#2. For $99 you can have both of the door sill rubbers with U channel for all Opel G T as well as both of the entire door to body main rubbers and even the upper door body rubber bump stops.
#3. For $119.95, here's the last of it. Your choice. Any front and most rear or rear main glass window rubber. Includes all G T Kadett, Rallye, all Wagons,, Luxus, Manta, Ascona, 2 door, 4 door, Isuzu and Kadett C Front all windows Front. Also the one last one for G T Owners right now all of the Main Door Window Roll Up Rubber, the Window goes up and down in for both sides, enough for four piece set.
We hope you have enjoyed this Sale and we look forward to hearing from you all. Take Care and Happy Opeling.

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Opels Unlimited's Update November 02, 2020

so some more crazy weekdays out there taking care of the three car deal heading for the East Coast lots of progress and changes........ cars are getting packed up pretty quick .....here's more pictures showing off the cars in progress.... this was the palette for Keith.lots of motors going out... and into the cars too even a minibike


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Special Announcement Tuesday, December 29, 2020

In an attempt to bring some Sunshine into everyone's day we wanted to let you know we are anticipating having the Annual International Opel Festival and Picnic on Saturday June 12, 2021. Covid `19 providing.

For those of you who have not attended the Festival it is an all day Shindig with Live Music KJ and DJ, Catered Food from Casa Jimenez, which arrives just after noon and is the mainstay for the whole day, our Hillbilly Dyno which fires up a live engine you can see running at your fingertips, the kids love that, and Tammy's famous Sales Display.

We also have a good ol Car Show with prizes and Raffles and Giveaways. We have a giant pool and arcade game room with Pool Table and Air Hockey. People bring their own food for a PotLuck. It is a great big open house on 5 acres. People are allowed all over the grounds and can see and photograph all the collections. It is a super fun day. Always held on a Saturday.

The Festival is held on the 5 acre property located in sunny southern California in the Lake Perris area.

We have had attendance of 50-80 plus with a Hotel nearby. It's our biggest shiny moment to give back to the Opel Community. So many people look forward to it.Big shout out to all of those who attend and help build the Festival.

We really missed seeing you all this year. We would love to hear from you.

Alert, alert- we just found out that one of our Festival Goers needs to sell his 4 speed Manta for $2,500 because he is moving out of state. If you are interested contact us and we will put you in touch with the Seller. 909 355 6735.

Also a fun new thing has happened for us. We now have a presence on YouTube. We are recreating the Video Tape Saga from the past 20 years. Including famous Videos like Fun Video number 9 and Tech Video # 13.

These Videos are available on DVD. Once we have 100 subscribers it will open up more avenues for the Opel Enthusiast Club to share on YouTube.Sorry we did not prepare an actual Christmas Sale but we are still working on a Holiday Sale. We are taking pictures and writing the text. Watch for it.

Happy New Year to all of our wonderful customers. May you all be safe and healthy this new year. May 2021 be a blessed year.


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Special Announcement Friday March 5, 2021

Hello Welcome to March. Our biggest focus has been to unpack boxes coming in from Germany and the result is this all new German Parts Sale. The reason it has taken so long to pull this together is that we have been swamped with big orders going out on pallets and pallets and pallets, both in county and out of country. It's all our good sheet metal we have been collecting all these years. Also we had to hand pick and prep 3 Transmissions and build an Engine,. This has all kept us from doing this Sale but we are finally ready now.

New Parts from Germany Sale
1. Fixed Window GT Rubber New batch of Opel GT Rear Quarter Window Rubber. 68-70 with provision for Chrome, Just like original. Regualrly 89.95 ea Sale 74.95 ea
2. Manta Front Manta Front Window Rubber, just like original. Even has extra rubber strip on the bottom for dash edge. Fits all 71-75 Manta A. Also available for Ascona A 71-75 and Kadett C 76-81. Regularly up to 179.95 Sale 149.95.
3. Window Chrome Roll for Front and Back Window. All Models, not pictured. Exact original new production. Regularly up to 89.95 Sale 68.95.
4. Opel News Tech Article Sales Flyers Cars for Sale and New Pens Actually spent some money and went to the print shop. Included now with every order. Newest pen features actual level, phillips and flat head screwdriver with magnet, measuring tape, Cell phone rubber tip stylus and ofcourse a nice pen. Newest Opel Enthusiast Club exclusive free with every order, always free. Nice modern thing. I used the level in the pen to install my stove the other day.
5. Heavy Duty Trans. Mount Fits all 4 speed GT model direct bolt in both top and bottom. And yet with alot more rubber in between like the 6 cylinder model. The original Trans Mounts are weak and wimpy. This is a highly recommended item for several years, Top Seller. Regularly 79.95 Sale 59.95.
6. Heavy Duty Motor Mounts all GT and Kadett 1900 the strongest available world wide. At least 4 other types of weaker motor mounts out there. This is the best. All iron bottom including U bolts. Nice heavy Rubber always referred to as the Gold Top Mount when you can find them. Regularly 78.95 ea Sale 59.95 ea while supplies last.
7. Torque Tube Donut New from Germany Factory Original Torque Tube Donut just like original easy install. Fits all Opel cars with 1900 engines. Regularly 59.95 Sale 38.95.
8. Torque Tube Bearing Sealed Upgrade from Germany modern replacement. Regularly 39.95 Sale 19.95.
9. Speedo Cable Sealed Set for all 1900 series transmissions. All Models. Features improved. Modern O rings and inner cup seal for all speedometer drives fixing up those transmission leaks.Regularly 19.95 Sale 14.95.
10. Kadett/Ascona Opening Window Body Rubber Puck. Pop out center windows. Fits all 68-75 cars. Two per side. Regualrly 19,95 ea Sale 14.95 ea.
11. Manta Door Handle and Trunk Gasket Set. For both Door Handle and Trunk lock. Regularly 28.95 Sale 18.95. Also available for GT.
12. GY Exhaust Pipe for over rear end. We have sold so many in the last few months we decided to see what Germany had to offer still. Meanwhile we got one of the last originals over to our Exhaust shop and decided to make a new rear end pipe athat doesn't fit inside the mufflers but fits on the outside. Larger diameter and more flow wthi a factory fit. Looks like it is possible if you are interested call 909-355-6735.

We hope you are all getting our updates via email. If you are not contact us by phone at 909-355-6735 or by email at [email protected]. We have almost 800 people in our email club. Join Us!

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Special Announcement Wednesday March 10, 2021

We have great news - another new sale. The New German Parts Sale Part Two. It finally rained pretty good here today in Sunny Southern California so we decided to work at home. We've been so busy shipping orders and pallets back to back that all this great stuff has piled up our whole Kitchen and Living Room for months now. We are quite sick of it so here we go another great sale and then we move all this stuff onward to the Museum. Meanwhile we hope you all enjoy some really great pricing with a nice exchange rate.

Also included from other fronts and businesses - super great rear end brake stuff, ignition upgredes and a few other goodies from America as well.

There is enoguh parts for us to put out a third sale in the next week so stay tuned. Then we will get back to special sheet metal buys replacement body parts and even cars for sale. Lots more to come. To otder call or text 909-355- OPEL(6735). International orders can email [email protected]

1 Big Wheel Cylinders for all models. Large diameter pistons and body. All new part. Includes side pins. New complete kit bolts on directly. Regularly 68.95 each Sale 59.95.
2. High quality rear brake sets. Made exclusively for Opels Unlimited. Farntastic material. Comes with brake levers installed. Specify year. No core returns required. Regularly 79.95 Sale 68.95, Also regula chepy brake shoes 39.95 and regular new wheel cylinders 29.95 For comparison.
3. Rear Brake Spring Hardware Kits. Also. Europes Heavy Duty version. Stout Springs with a good design. Regulalry 46.95 Sale 38.95. Complete kit for both wheels.

Now that your rear brakes are upgraded lets move on to something that is fun.

4. Lower Radiator Hose for GT and Kadett Giuys. Complete angles and pre-formed well for a really nice fit. Often hard to do with this complicated hose. Upper Hose available as well. For GT owners. Others available rregularly upt to 39.95 Sale 29.95.

5. All new high quality Water Pump. Most all models regularly up to 78.95 Sale is 49.95. Includes free gasket. Same with the Thermostat. 14.95 with gasket.,

So that covers the cooling system. Let's move on to ignition.

7. Electronic Ignition. Really one of our most popular sellers. In fact we haven't sold a points set in over a year. This is really the way to go nowadays. High quality caste construction not wimpy and plastic. With permanent magnet trigger. And very simple two wire hook up. Regularly 68.95 Sale 49.95.

8. Distributor Cap fits all 1900 engines. Real brass inserts. Not aluminum. Which lasts longer. See through Lexan construction available in red, yellow or blue. Regularly 14.95 Sale 9.95.

9. Ignition Wire Sets. All custom tailored. Cooper Core with Silicone Jacket. Also availble in red, blue and yellow. Regularly 46.95 Sale 34.95.

10. Chrome Air Cleaner complete kit for Weber Carb. Reusable element easlly available separately includes valve cover vent line elbow as well. Regularly 48.95 Sale 38.95.

We are really glad that we can offer some good watehouse pricing here. Ecpecially on these most commonly purchased items. You should have seen Todd's eyes when he received the bill without our direct warehouse discounts. It was pretty funny to see the common retail pricing. Needless to say it was a shock but we got it all straiglhtened up in time for this sale.

We sure spent a lot of money stocking up for the upcoming Spring and Summer. More orders coming in so stray tuned.

Last two German import items to hit this Sale-

11. Opel GT orginal manufacturer fuse box assembly. This is a new production of the commonly cracked and broken original fuse box made in Germany.New batch got a few this time. Regularly 99.95 Sale 89.95. Nice to have back in stock again.

Last one.

12. Opel GT Side Window Pop out Rubber. Nice job with pre-formed corners. Been a popular seller for years now. Regularly 79.95 Sale 68.95.

So there you have it enjoy. Take Care and Happy Opeling.


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Special Announcement Special Sale Wednesday April 28, 2021

Last time we got together we said we would do a Part II sale and then we have been so busy we really didn't have time. Then our kitchen became overrun with parts so we finally decided to have a Das Boot Sale.

All of these items are imported from Germany.


Opel GT Shifter Boots. We sell a great German reproduction. Really great work even pictured next to Factory original boot. Regularly 34.95 Sale 29.95

Opel GT Lower Radiator Hoses. Another perfect new reproduction from Germany all Factory form fit. Regularly 34.95 Sale 28.95

Opel 1900 Fuel Pumps. Comes with two gaskets. All new not rebuilt. Direct bolt on like original. Regularly 56.95 Sale 38.95

Ope GT Kadett Rack and pinion Boots. From Germany. Better made thicker construction lasts longer. Regularly 19.95 Sale 12.95

Chrome Plated Radiator Cap. All new. German Import. Hard to believe we can get it at this price. Regularly 29.95 Sale 18.95

Chrome Plated Valve Cap. All new. German with rubber seal. Regularly 29.95 Sale 18.95

Opels Unlimited T-shirts. Many sizes and colors available. Red, Teal Green, Teal Blue, Deep Purple, Pink. Regularly 14.95 Sale 9.95

Opel Festival T-shirts. International Opel Festival T-Shirts. We will definitely miss the Festival this year but you still have a chance to get a T-Shirt. Regularly 29.95 Sale 19.95

1.1 4spd Trans Mount. Finally got a new stock in from Germany again. Regularly 68.95 Sale 39.95. Also heavy duty 1.9 GT available again for 48.95.

GT Gas Tank Bunge Line Kit. Nice reproduction copper tubing instead of ordinary steel. No future rust problems. Regularly 28.95 Sale 19.95

Manta Trans. Mount. Brand new Factory original. This is the round football style mount. Fits both 4spd and automatic. Regularly 58.95 Sale 14.95

Manta Ascona Frame Rail Over rider. This is a repair piece that goes right over the rusted frame rail. Also front jacking points and rear lower fender rust repair panel. All right and left specific. All new German Metal Productions. New Floor pans back in next week at 249.95. All others regularly 119.95 Sale 99.95

Opel GT Master Cylinder Rebuild Kits. Nice kit with all the seals even the O Ring between the Master and Booster. German Import. Regularly 39.95 Sale 23.95

Trans. Reverse Light Switch, This is the screw in type with some improvements. The originals often have a habit of leaking gear oil. Fits most all transmissions from 1971 to 1975. Regularly 58.95 Sale 38.95

Tech Video 9 - 13 Combo. From our original famous VHS tapes now available on DVD. Video Free with each order when requested.

Timing Chain Tensioner 5 piece Set. Includes upgraded block rail with bolt kit. Regularly 129.95 Sale 99.95

Clutch Brake Pedal Rubber. For all GT and Kadett models. 68 to 73. A good item to replace as the originals are very hard and worn off and tend to be slick. Especially in the rain. Regularly 11.95 Sale 7.95 each.

Update on the International Opel Festival and Picnic. We had scheduled it tentatively for Saturday June 12 but that just doesn't give us enough time to prepare and get the word out. So with heavy hearts we are going to pass again this year. Next year we are a for sure event. We can't wait until everyone is ready to party again. We will be better.

How is everyone doing with there vaccines? Todd Tammy and Debbie have all had their first shots and their second shots are scheduled for next week. We are encouraging everyone we know to get their vaccines. We really believe this is the answer to bringing back some sense of normalcy.

Until next time Take Care and Happy Opeling!


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