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Special Announcement Saving Orange Opel Body Part Two Wednesday March 25, 2020

Here we are to pick up the Opel GT Shell Story.

So here we have almost nothing. Stripped and parted out and ready for scrap nowadays. But right here and right now just like that with one phnne call here comes Opels Unlimited. This is what we are famous for.

So here we have a car that is just a body shell now. Traded hands a bunch of times, title long gone. Front bumper, nosr panel, completely gross, no drive train, original blue plates, California Car. No one would buy this car typically because it could not be rolled around or transported anywhere easily.This is why we chose to part this car out. We have plenty of other cars available with far less labor to have them ready for transport.

Nowadays this happens every once and a while and we are looking always for the next one of these cars.

So now we get it home. We clean out the interior. Throw everything away. Sweep it up, vacuum it up. Everyone is so excited we actually do it on the same day. Todd and Tammy the same old thing. Doors off, windows out. Zack is of great help to clean out interior and clean up everything. It is now ready for pictures of all the hard parts we can save.

Let us see that beauftiful floor! Those great rockers! Like a time capusule. Sunny Soutern California Car. An amazing best possible scenario for zero rust on your jacking points, trailling arms, complete floors with rockers intact. If you live anywhere else in the country you know how impossible it is to get parts in this condition.

This is what Opels Unlimited has been famous for.

So at this point Opels Unlimited is out about $800 for all the work so far. At first glance this would just look like a bunch of trouble and junk like Todd's Mother would say back in the day. The last 20 years or so she finally understands that this is necessary. HA HA and so here we go again.

What we gained from this project in the end is quite a spectacular floor with rockers. A real top of the line scrubbed and cleaned and washed, yes it is really great top and bottom. This is not something that can just be recreated easily or will show up again anytime soon.

It is not just the part itself but the guy who did the labor. It was Todd himself who did the rear floor yesterday and it came out perfectly. Seriously perfectly straight and clean with a Milwaukee SawZall. We are speculating it has been ssome five years plus that Opels Unlimited has taken apart a car for it's sheet metal. The cars are so valuable nowadys thaq they are not just simply thrown away.

These opportunities do not come very often. We do have complete cars for sale starting a $1,000 to $1,500 to $2,000. Maybe you can't go to every store nowadsys but you can certainly shop and build and fix your Opel car. A great thing to do these days.

For the first time Opels Unlilmited is actually painting cars and fixing up cars to sell on a more high end basis. We just finished a pretty Resale Red 4 speed black interior for $6,500.

The big thing on this car is the floor and rockers. Todd is very proud of his complete rear cut. No torches, no slag, clean Milwaukee SawZall. Multiple pictures available. The front clip is open to suggestion. It is possible to have mainframe engine mounting brackets, even front and rear jacking points completely intact. Palett shipping available.

Custom cut complete floor with rockers will sell at $400 a side. This is a one shot deal. Call 909-355-6735.

There is good possibilities for front and rear fenders from $100/$200/$300 each depending onhow you want them cut, we are leaving them intact now until they are sold.

Rear panels and Rear window gas tank panel available at $100/$200/$300. This car does not present the best but we do have others for sale. Roof panels at $100. Frame rail and jacking paint areas at $100/$200. Rear coil spring and complete rear floor section available also ats $100/$200/$300 depending onhow you want it cut.

There was one other thing. A single great condition electrical dash for a GT removed properly. Everything original uncracked unbroken $200. As well as a Opel GT complete front axle assembly with mo rust or damage in the shock towers or in anything else. A non-rusted good front end for a GR for just $300.

As you can see, with all these parts there is only one available. Currently first come first saved.

Thank you so much. We are grateful to be in busines. In fact with you all at home our sales have ramped up significantly and we have no problem filling all the orders.

Stay tuned for the next post for all the new parts we have coming in from Germany. We are already taking pictires and people are already grabbing up the new parts from Germany that we haven't even carried before.

Take Care and Happy Opeling.


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Y'know, I've always ignored this thread, because I wasn't interested in some summary of a pre-show 6 years ago. Eventually out of curiosity I wondered why people are still talking about a wrap-up before a show.

Not to kill a trend, but, why doesn't Opels Unlimited post their announcements in a thread titled "Opels Unlimited - New Stock & Sales" or something, instead of piggybacking on this one?
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