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what did you pay for for your opel gt
and are you willing too pay that again
or would pay more for a better car
let me know thank you
a opeler forever

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I payed €0,00. I got mine 2 weeks ago, and i din't pay nothing for it. My dad gave it to me after he had it for 24 years. it has 120.000km on it and it hasn't run for 20 years. it needs some fixing.. it got restored in 1981. my dad drove it for 1 month and then it got stored because he dind't had the time any more to fix it. so now it's up to me to pick it up where he left it. and i'm so enthousiast and can't wait to get started i only got one problem, i don't have the place to restore it. it's now in a garage but it's not allowed to work on cars there and it is to small too. anyone has some room left? hehe
so that was what i payed for it. nothing.

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I paid $300 for a 74 Manta Luxus in rough shape. The top cover of the carb even had stripped screws and could be lifted up about 1/2" on one side. I'm not sure how it even ran. The Tires were worn so severely on the edge of the tread/sidewall that when unmounted, you could almost poke your finger through. With tires, a pertronix, a Weber and a little wrenching, it ran great. I added a LOT of other parts as money and time allowed. At the time, it was a second vehicle and a rewarding to work on. Presently, it's at a shop and being restored. I'm not expecting a "show car", I'm just making my own "new car".

Yes, I would do it again, IF, I had a second car.

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Got my 71 GT in the early 80s, paid $2400 for it. Got totalled when I was #5 in a 10 car pile-up on the freeway. Insurance Company gave me $1200 for the car. Found my 72 in the paper for $1200, checked it out and offered $1100 and they accepted. Knowing what I know now. I would have got them both again, but, would do things a bit differently now to them. Parts were easier to come by then and performance items were a bit more available too. Cant' beat the looks or the top speed, just takes a while to get there. But really, how often can you do that. :D

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ok here is the purchase price list.
69 GT 500 Destroyed by fire
72 GT 350 Drove it till it was falling apart
72 Manta 0 No title but fun to drive
73 Manta 300 Rebiult the motor and gave it to my brother in law
71 GT 100 Parts car
73 GT 1500 Turbo that was impounded for Vin tag issues
70 GT 0 Descent body but couldn't keep it
73 Manta 700 Wifes car that I bought back and drove for years then sold
72 Wagon150 I liked it and had it for years but rust got it
71 GT 600 More bondo than body but a great running parts car
72 GT 600 This would be my present car
73 GT 100 front end damage but alot of good parts
71 GT 100 same as above
72 GT 375 parked and waiting
72 GT 375 same as above
71 GT 375 will pick up soon
73 GT 375 same as above

The ones with the same purchase price were bulk buys and the 0 ones were buy one get one free deals.

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I paid $1800 candian for mine in the spring of 2003. It's way more than the car was actually worth, but I knew that I would probably never see another GT for sale in Regina again, so I had to do it.

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I bought my '73 GT in August of 2003 for $1300.00. It was all there but in rough condition as you would expect a 30 year old daily driver to be. The PO threw in a box of parts he had never gotten around to installing and two parts cars as well. One of the parts car is a rusted hulk but the other is fairly rust free and is scheduled to become a V-6 roadster starting this fall.


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1972 Opel Manta Raylle, 150.00, towed home in 1980, needed camshaft
1974 Opel Manta Luxus, 250.00, towed home in 1981, needed engine(another 250.00)
1972 Opel GT, seller wanted $2,000.00, offered $1500.00, drove it home in 1983 and never looked back.

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70 GT: traded a Vega (smoker) for it in 83 (SoCal)
71 GT: $150 w/ no motor. Bought Calvins 30K motor for it ($200).
Both are waiting for me to build my shop for resto's. Looks like next spring for my driving them. :(

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In the early eighties I bought a 69 GT for $500 and kicking myself right in the ass for trading it for a 72 Plymouth 340 Duster. Not a bad car it just wasn't as fun as the Opel. Had a long dry spell but just purchased a 72 GT a few weeks ago for $4000 that is in damned good shape body and interior wise but mechanically needs some care. Nothing that can't be fixed... Was it too much for the car? In my opinion it was worth every penny!!! Opel GT are the Heat!

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1983 a 67 Kadett B Sedan for 300 Marks with fresh inspection and no problems
1987 a 79 Ascona B for 800 Marks drove but I learned about hidden rust quickly
1989 a 32 bicycle for 250 marks- bad restauration, but complete.
1990 a 69 Kadett B Coupe for 800 Marks- blown head gasket perfect interior-rust won after 5 years
1992 a 66 Kadett with huge moss growth and interesting fauna inside for 50 Marks
1992 a 72 Kadett 4door sedan with sunroof for 500 marks without interior and paint on it.
1997 a 75 Ascona for $1150 was a good driver, rust in batterybox/bad seats.
1997 a 71 GT for $1400 was in need of tune-up a bit weathered but no rust/daily driver now.
1998 a 67 Kadett Coupe for $800 in drivable condition, older restauration attempt/currently under complete make over.
1999 a 74 Ascona for $30 - I thought I just bought the rear windows but got the whole thing / no title
2005 a 75 Sportwagon in need of TLC for $1500 -a Stationwagon anyone?

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How much for my Opel?

$3607 brand new out the door taxes license and all. Still have her, and to get her back on the road I have spent over $17,000 for my nearly completed total restoration. Expensive? Let's see that turns out to be a little over $600 dollars a year since I've had her. Cheap in my book.

Bob :D

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my mom bought the car for 1800 in 81 in LA (cal) drove it till she got pregnant with me in 88 then she bought a 73 Manta ralley (ARA a/c) for 800 dollars. Now i got the Gt and replaced normal things like hoses, lines, brakes. oh yeah and i built a 2.0 :D

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1971 gt-the guy wanted $1,500 for my 1971. i talked him down to $1300.. it had decent paint and a good body, but the interior was shot, and the engine was running off of 3 cylinders, and i had to do a complete brake overhaul.. but i wouldnt trade this car for anything..

1969 gt- parts car, paid 50 bucks for it and gots lots of parts.

opel manta and gt parts- 2 large boxes of parts from my friends dad.. he used to have a manta back in the early 80's. the stories this guy tells me... :rolleyes:

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What did pay

1) 73 Opel Gt in 1973 (red with black) puchased from dealer for $3150. roommate totaled in 1976

2) 73 Opel GT in 1976 (orange with Black) $2200 I still have this one

3) 71 Opel Kadett 4 door in 1978 (white with red interior) $775(wish I still had that one)

4) 73 Ascona 4 door in 1996(rally gold with tan) $300 still have

5) 69 Kadett wagon in 1996 (bronze with tan) $500

6) 74 Manta in 1999 $100 no brakes no paint no interior no good! still have

7) 1970 Kadett Wagon (showed up at my door) in 1999 $0

8) 70 Rotary GT in 2000- $1250

9) 75 Sportwagon in 2002 $650

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Paid $100 for a 71 kadett...

I was passing a salvage yard in Feb. and this 1971 Jade green kadett was sitting on a flatbed waiting to be dropped (literally) and scrapped. Noticing it, I turned around and asked if it was for sale...the guy said for me to make an off..i said $100 he said deal. Solid floors, rockers and body. Minor rust at bottom of front quarters. Rare for a New England vehicle. It spent most of its life garaged. The tires are original.

It's a 1971 model 39 (1.9l) kadett w/3sp auto :( and 25,600 original miles. needed a starter and battery, but I also did the following:

rebuild steering rack (clean, new boots/grease)
replace tie rod end boots
replace oil/filter
fuel filter
all new coolant hoses
all new vacuum hoses
all new fuel lines
replace diff fluid
replace coolant
new battery/cable
new plugs/wires
repaint valve cover/new gasket
repaint air cleaner assembly
new flexible brake lines
bleed brakes
new MC cover (from 1989 BMW 325i)
Vinlex seats & dash (no rip/tears)
drain/repaint fuel tank/replace vent hoses w/8mm fuel line

I plan to purchase a new battery this weekend, fill the tank and crank it over. I've already primed it by putting marvel Mystery oil in th plug holes and turning by hand. Feels nice and tight on compression. With all that has been done, i'm still into it for under $500 including purchase price. I hope to drive it this summer, make some adjustments and ice race it this winter. Perhaps some chassis stiffening is in order.

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Paid $500 for '73 GT

I paid $500 for my '73 GT in 2001. The guy wanted $1000 for it but it didn't run and had some rust issues. After I talked him down and gave him the cash, we then agreed I would come back the next weekend and pick it up since it was about a three hour trip one way. When I came back the next weekend with a car dolly and loaded the car he mentioned I was forgetting the extra parts. He failed to mention he had extra parts for the car until now. We went back to his shed and... the mother load of parts was there. I had to come back the following weekend with a full-size trailer to get about 25 milk crates of parts and plenty of other opel related stuff.

Would I do it again?!?... Heck yes I would. You never know what you might find when an owner says they have had the car for 15 years and a few parts go with it. :D

- John
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