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What To Do?!

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I am taking my Opel for its first "real run" in 4 weeks. I am currently working my *** off to make sure it happens, but one thing I dont have, nore do I know what to get, is mirrors. Its got holes drilled in both doors where the "stock" mirrors went, and I have a pair of junky JC-Whitney mirrors that are all rotted, but thats all I got. For the day I drive it, should I just take the chance and leave the mirrors off, or what should I use? Maybe someone possibly has some mirrors that I could use. Eventually I am going to get a pair of the chrome bullet style for each side. Maybe if someone has some of them?

Also, is there any kind is actual polish I could use on the Aluminum window trim, or am I going to have to go threw like a 4 stage process to get it how I want?

Thanks In Advance
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namba209 said:
Jon, first off, the aluminum trim is actually stainless steel
Actually Ron, I am pretty sure that the trim around the side windows is all anodized aluminum, as was discussed extensively in an earlier thread.
I'm very curious as to where this is going to ...

Hmm, where DID he go? Oh, to troll hell...
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