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What To Do?!

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I am taking my Opel for its first "real run" in 4 weeks. I am currently working my *** off to make sure it happens, but one thing I dont have, nore do I know what to get, is mirrors. Its got holes drilled in both doors where the "stock" mirrors went, and I have a pair of junky JC-Whitney mirrors that are all rotted, but thats all I got. For the day I drive it, should I just take the chance and leave the mirrors off, or what should I use? Maybe someone possibly has some mirrors that I could use. Eventually I am going to get a pair of the chrome bullet style for each side. Maybe if someone has some of them?

Also, is there any kind is actual polish I could use on the Aluminum window trim, or am I going to have to go threw like a 4 stage process to get it how I want?

Thanks In Advance
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I'm very curious as to where this is going to ...

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