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I recently bought a complete opel omega car with the 2.4FI engine. and I`m planning to do the engine swap.

the only and last thing I`m still not sure about is the type of FI to use since the stock 2.4FI won`t fit under the hood.

I`m told that you can use the 2.0 FI system and swap the 2.4 injectors in it and use the 2.4i wiring.. anyone done this? comments/tips/tricks?

or should I go for the 2.2FI system (standard or also swap the 2.2) injectors for the 2.4. i am told that the 2.0 FI system has a better flow, is this the case?

I already spotted the thread on the 3.0FI modification, I will follow that thread to learn more about this option too.

thanks in advance, jan

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2.4 GT FI intake options.

If you're planning on using the "long block", ie the 2.4 head also, you MUST use the 2.2/2.4 FI manifold as the head is of "raised port" design and 1.9/2.0 FI manifolds won't fit. I'm using a heavily ported 2.2 FI manifold on my 2.4 engine at the moment, but am looking to switch to the "cut and sectioned" 3.0 manifold because of the MUCH better flow characteristics (larger runners, larger plenum) it will have. HTH
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