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all envolved in tune up?

what parts do i need to do a complete tune up on my opel gt's engine? is there any special tool, or any helpfull hints out there?basically to get it running in tip top shape. are there any great proformace parts????

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I have always understood a tune-up to mean:

replacing the:
spark-plug wires (replace one at a time so you don't cross them up)
distributor cap and rotor
Air filter
fuel filter

Adjust/inspect/replace as necessary:
Points and condsensor
Valve lash (a must for solid lifter motors, hotly debated for hydraulics)
carb idle and mix (the condition of your plugs will dictate here)
top off coolant with 50/50
inspect brakes on all four-wheels (top off brake fluid with appropriate DOT rating)

I also time my tune-ups to coincide with my oil-changes.

Any great performance parts? Plenty!!! Spend some time in the "Opel Parts Review" section for some ideas. A Pertronix ignition and a K&N air filter are good for starters. I will be installing the Pertronix soon so that I don't have to set the points any more. And the K&N is good becuase it lasts forever and flows better too.

I am sure that I missed a few parts but this is what came off the top of my head.

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I'm old-school. Once I find a functioning condenser - I don't mess with it until I'm certain its bad. I remember too many times having to return to the parts house until one of the new condensers would work. It always seemed to be hit or miss.

MadHatter pretty much laid it out for you. Oh, I usually checked timing.

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If you are still running points........ Then you will be changing points every tune up!, which seems to be 5,000 miles or so. I always found that I had to replace the points WAY more often than most of the other items. For example the fuel filter. I change to fuel filter about once a year.

If this is your first tune up with the car, then replace everything. If it is just a regularly scheduled 5000 mile tune up, then the list may be less comprehensive.

If you change or adjust the points, you MUST reset the timing. The timing is directly affected by any change in point gap/dwell.

SOooo, toss the points and make tune ups easier and last longer.

As for hydraulic lifters.... Set them them RIGHT once and forget it!

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