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I was removing the carb last night. When I took the carb off, it was using a layered paperish riser. Hadn't seen one(then again I'm no mechanic). Should this be replaced with an aluminum one?

Also the carb, besides being EXTREMELY greasy, was bolted down only hand-tight. The same goes for my intake/exhaust manifold-two of these weren't even hand-tight. I was afraid I was goin' to break them off in the block, as they looked very corroded and seized...Surprise!

A little more work this evening and I should have the manifolds removed.

BTW, in my intake manifold, it appears that there is a varnish type build up in front of the middle two ports, where they bolt to the head.

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That "papery" thing is the base gasket. For what ever make, comes in a few different styles from: gasket (paper), gasket w/ plastic stud grommets or foil sided. It's main purpose is to provide sealing between 2 metal surface. Some do that w/ the added idea as a heat riser.
As far as the bolts: when you have them removed get the CORRECT metric tap (with some cutting oil) and slowly screw it in to clean out the threads. When it bottoms out, give it a little jiggle. If it moves, it needs repair at a shop.
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