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Wheel Restoration

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Heres a question for all you out there. I have some pretty sharp wheels on y car. They are American Racing 6 spoke star 14 x 6 with little rivots oround the outside.

Well, after 14 years of storage, they look like crap. Looks like they puked all over themselves with some kind of funk crap that wont come off. Is this how alluminum wheels "rust"??

Anyway, could I have them restored? Buffed down till they are shiney or something? I paid $450 for these in 86 and I see no reason to throw them away if I can get them restored. Any ideas??
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They are oxidized, you need to clean them up with the proper chemicals and have them clearcoated or powdercoated. It won't be easy, I did it with magnesium wheels once. Call some wheel and machine shops in your area to see what it will take to have them cold tanked, it may clear up the heavy stuff.

Chances are that is oxidation that is under the clear-coat finish.
It can either be sent out and you can have them professionally restored (probably cost more than the wheels), or attempt to do it yourself. Difficulty varies with desired finish, I'd say polished is the most time consuming. They could also be glass-beaded, or the rivets/bolts removed and the wheels could be chucked in a lathe and given a directional finish, or powder-coated, or painted, etc.

Check out http://easycarts.net/ecarts/PermanentRestorationProducts/RESTORATION_KITS.html
This is a POR 15 kit for restoring damaged and oxidized Aluminum Rims . I checked some prices at a few restorer facilities online most want $75.00 flat rate per rim you would spend $350.00 to $400.00 easy. This kit from POR-15 is only $129.00 and contains everything needed except the electric drill. Hope this Helps, Clay
That look perfect

Ya know, that looks perfect. I think Ill give that a whirl.

That beats paying $400 to have somone else do it.
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