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Would wheels like this be "good" for street use, as in strong enough, not too heavy or whatever?
While the "style" isn't all that great, it's better then the super spindley spokey look that seems popular today. Maybe after doing some homework:available tires, offset, backspace, body rub. You can order up a decent set. Prices sure aren't bad.

I'm supposed to go look at a set of Ansen Sprint slot mags that came off a Pinto many moons ago. Bolt pattern is off (4x4.25 I think) and backspace and all that is unknown. They're unilug, have to figure out if that's acceptable with the right lug nuts. Also, he has 2 14" and 2 13", I'm not sure about mixing diameters. Probably not worth the hassle unless he gives them to me..literally.

Wonder what my 15" Devinos with good tires is worth? I'm in no hurry since the Devino's fit and look okay, I can hold out for my dream wheel (which likely doens't exist anymore and if it does, there's probably not any tires for them!)
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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