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Where to buy Pertronix?

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A recommended place to buy a Pertonix for my GT.....besides JC Whitney (they ticked me off 25 yrs ago....bad)??
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BugStuff in PA always treats Opelers well. Use the Site search for phone and contact info.
I don't like to detract from the business of others, especially when a retailer such as BugStuff has such a strong reputation. But I do like having options, and I was able to find a good one on eBay.

This Link will take you to an eBay store called British Racing Green where I was able to purchase a Pertronix 1847v for $60.00. The seller was very friendly, helpful and communicative. Shipping was reasonable. I expect to receive the ignition kit tomorrow. I don't think that he has the coils, but I didn't ask as I am not yet in the market for a new coil.

Just an option for those that are interested.
Bugstuff is having a sale on the Pertronix 1847v ($49.49) and the Ignitor II for $82.49, now until 11/25/05!!
thats not a bad deal at all...i always get my stuff from summit racing mainly because i live 5 minutes from there and dont have to wait for shipping.
Those prices are $25 to $30 less than anywhere else I have tried to buy them from!! I will be getting them on Friday! So the wait is not that bad!!
Bugstuff Sale

Sale ends Friday at 4:00pm

Message from: [email protected]

Yes the 25% sale is until Friday November 25 at 4:00pm.
Prices on the opel parts are as follows;
1847V ignitor - $65.99 - 25% = $49.50
Ignitor II - $109.99 - 25% = $82.50,
40501 chrome flame thrower coil - $39.99-25%= $30.00,
40511 black flame thrower coil - $34.99-25%= $26.25,
B 03010 Bosch Distributor Cap - $7.99-25%= $6.00

Phone 1-800-752-2847
Fax 724-785-5506
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I got my pertronics with a flamethrower coil from bugstuff over a month ago and they gave me the thanksgiving sales price early anyway!! Think it was like 82.00 w/shipping and took less than a week. A big thumbs up for that vendor!!!!!:knockedou I will definately deal with them in the future!!! It seemed like they enjoy working with us Opel guys!! He asked alot of questions about my car and got a big kick out of the fact that my car has such low miles!!
We always wait for the Bugstuff sale and stock up! I have priced the pertronix at Summit and is is about $72.00 walkin.

Ok, so what's the difference between the two ignitors!?!?:thinking:
BQS4 said:
Ok, so what's the difference between the two ignitors!?!?:thinking:

From the Pertronix web site:

PerTronix’s lineup of electronic ignition products grows again with the introduction of the Ignitor II for most automotive, marine, industrial and agricultural applications.

The Ignitor II uses a powerful micro controller with adaptive dwell algorithms resulting in the following features and benefits:·
The Ignitor II senses current levels in the coil and adjusts the dwell to maintain peak energy throughout the entire RPM range. Dwell time is increased or decreased with changing engine RPM and operating conditions. This provides more energy at high RPM reducing misfires while improving engine performance.
Compared to point type systems, develops on average 4 times more available energy between 3000 and 5000 RPM and 2 times more available plug voltage.
Compared to the original Ignitor develops an average 3 times more available energy between 3000 and 5000 RPM and nearly doubles available plug voltage.
Higher RPM performance is improved when used with new Flame-Thrower II super low resistance (0.6 ohms) 45,000 volt coil, however, is compatible with any induction coil.
Because peak current level is reached just prior to spark, ignition energy is sustained with less heat build-up increasing coil and module life.
Adjusts spark timing over the entire RPM range to compensate for the inherent electronic delay resulting in more stable timing.
Senses engine startup and increases dwell time providing more energy for starting sparks.
Senses incorrectly wired Ignitor II or a “key left on” condition and shuts down the system protecting the coil and other components from damage.
Shares all the same form features as the Ignitor i.e. electronics molded in epoxy for better foul weather performance, no moving or rubbing parts to wear out, fits entirely inside the distributor, no “black box” to clutter your engine compartment, no complicated wiring makes installation easy, compatible with 12-volt negative ground systems and comes with a 30 month warranty.
California Air Resources Board E.O. #D-57-8, legal in all 50 states and Canada.


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