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Where to get Canadian parts

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Do any of you Canadians know where I can get a thermostat (180 degrees) and Rad cap (what pound pressure?) for my 71 GT. Napa or Canadian Tire---do you have part numbers?

On a side note, Napa in Ottawa sold me two new off the shelf rotors for $25.00 each. Last weekend I replaced the rotors and pads and when I was bleeding the system I blew out the master cylinder. I have an order in with Gill for a rebuilt one at a cost of $90.00US. I guess it's better that it blew in the garage and not on the road.

John, I might need your help to put the heating hoses back in the right place. It would be best if you could drop over with your GT so we can trace the hoses. Let me know, free beer or coffee!! Graham 664-4028.
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Any Small Block Chevy thermostat will work. Rad cap is also standard SBC. I prefer the locking kind of rad cap, and I also installed a coolant recovery tank (aftermarket from any auto parts dealer) to avoid coolant spraying around the front of the car. This can be located in front of the rad where the stock snorkle normally goes (if you have a Weber and pancake filter) or I have seen a thinner version that can be placed on the drivers side (such as Otto Bartsch has done on his engine shown) HTH


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look in members photos under "webster"(that's me) I posted a pic of where the hoses go. Hope this helps!
ps wish I could come for the beer I mean to help. lol:p
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