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My brake upgrade saga resumes.

Over the last year or so, I have been accumulating goodies to increase my GT’s high speed braking. I currently have larger, ventilated front brakes from a VW. This was a kit that I bought from someone here. It was apparently a kit that was offered by Manta Part back in the 80’s. I would assume it is very much like upgrading to the later Manta or BMW brakes…wider, slightly larger rotor, but almost twice the size pad. I have Porterfield pads and shoes and braided lines. Even with all this, my brakes have never felt right to me, especially when used for high speed events like track days.

So here’s what’s next…Some of you may remember that I purchased a Volvo brake kit from the Miami brake guy on E-bay a few years back and didn’t use it. He included a nice new booster (street rod part) and a huge 12# cast iron GM master cylinder, which I refused to use. But I always felt I needed more M/C. So I took the booster apart and redrilled it and welded studs in it to the Opel’s mounting bolt pattern. On the front, I drilled and studded it to fit a Wilwood 1” aluminum M/C. That’s what you see here. I have started this next step by adding the ¾” rear wheel cylinders also. This M/C has equal front/rear split, so I plan to use a proportioning valve for the rear to be able to fine tune it.

I have just started taking things apart to do this. It may take awhile though, as the other projects have stacked up. I wanted to do them all at the same time while I have room to work in the front of the engine. They include: the brakes, electric fan, oil cooler w/remote filter, relays for the fan and rewiring the headlights with separate relays and fuses for higher watt lights. I will also move the battery (Optima) somewhere(?).

I will keep you informed with the results.



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For all this little goodies when installing (custom) brakes, check out http://www.mpbrakes.com. I bought a tandem booster and MC also with equal front/rear for disc/disc brakes for my Kadett.
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