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window mechanisms

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having trouble to put the windows working again,cable has to be placed in a
way that is ok
i removed all glassware to paint the car and put new rubbers in the doors,but
now I dont get the windows working again :confused:
any tips???
thanks for any help

surched in threads and other info but could not find anything :(
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If you don't have a FSM (factory service manual) I'll try and get a scan of the manual concerning this.
Tunepipe911, check out this thread in the downloads section.
http://opelgt.com/sdownload/index.php?cid=2 Also this thread and post nos 12. That one requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. http://opelgt.com/sdownload/index.php?cid=2
HTH. Jarrell
electric windows

Anybody know of any kind of electric window parts or kit that would work on a gt.
doug said:
Anybody know of any kind of electric window parts or kit that would work on a gt.

you will have to reg on the other site to read is only downside
or use the search engine on here to look
simple and easy

I have found that the electric windows from an 86 or 87 Isuzu Impulse work really simple for a GT conversion. The Impulse has a cable spool combo just like the GT, using the Impulse electric motor and cable/spool along with the nylon guides, simply remove the the GT crank/spool/cable and upper an lower guide pulleys, install the Impulse nylon fixed guides at the pulley location on the GT [top (Impulse) guide at bottom on the GT guide location) and bottom (Impulse) guide at top GT guide location], drill a hole to fix the guides into position as they where on the Impulse originally but inverted for the GT as indicated above.
I told Bob Tidwell I would get him some pictures of the swap this week end and show the install procedure, it is very simple and works perfect I will try to post this weekend time pending an article on the Impulse electric window.
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KT GT, I for one will be waiting for the article as well as pictures, as I plan to add electric mirrors to the "Red Gt". It's gutted, primered and waiting to be pulled into the shop and the inside door panels etc are off. It would be quite timely to do everything in the doors at once. Jarrell
any pictures would be a big help, now to find a impulse! thanks
doug said:
any pictures would be a big help, now to find a impulse! thanks
your best bet would be evil bay

I am working on the write up, the wife has me strung out on some remodel honey do's in the house new office/den/computer room and about 450 feet of porceline tile to install and I have a paint both project going to, and about the normal ten other things going on, bare with me. Thanks,
Did you get a chance to take thoughs pictures and put together install info. I look forward to the information. Thanks

I just picked up another set the other week but have been chasing Opels from OKC to San Antonio for the past 4 weekends in a row and have not had a chance to do any thing but fill my shop and back yard up with Opels. If you don't mind seeing pics taken on a cluttered work bench or pathway of the shop I will attempt to do it this weekend.
Did you get a chance to take pictures and write an install guide?
Check this out...http://www.opelgt.com/forums/local_links.php?action=jump&id=4&catid=1. If you decide to do it I have a site and the part numbers but I would have to look them up.
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