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washing stuff (dont know the english word)

hello :)

I have a problem and that is that i dont know how the waterhose, valves, angles, T-pieces is installed in the GT for the washing stuff and that is going to be a problem when I put the car ont on the road next year :) (veteran rulz here in denmark (EU) )

and if any one have some pic. of the install i whold like that to:)

hope you can help me whit this easy quistion


my car: http://www.bilgalleri.dk/html/gal_visbil.asp?ID=11317

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Windshield washer

The hose runs from the foot pedal to the reservoir (bottle), then along the driver's side inner fender to the hood hinge on the driver's side. Then up the hood to the center at the back edge, then it is split to each jet. Like this
Hope that helps.
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